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Chinese Yuan
United states Dollar
The Chinese Yuan (meaning "round object" or "round coin" in Chinese) is the basic unit of a number of modern Chinese currencies. The Yuan is the main unit the account the the Renminbi. In plenty of parts that China, renminbi room counted in "kuai" quite than "Yuan". -- The U.S. Disagreement is one official currency of united American, and also it is additionally the currency most used in international transactions. There is several nations use U.S. Dollar as their main currency.
CNYUSDCNYUSD1 CNY =0.15464 USD6.4667 CNY =1 USD2 CNY =0.30928 USD12.9334 CNY =1 USD5 CNY =0.7732 USD32.3335 CNY =1 USD10 CNY =1.5464 USD64.667 CNY =1 USD20 CNY =3.0928 USD129.334 CNY =1 USD25 CNY =3.866 USD161.6675 CNY =1 USD50 CNY =7.732 USD323.335 CNY =1 USD100 CNY =15.464 USD646.67 CNY =1 USD1000 CNY =154.64 USD6466.7 CNY =1 USD

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