But did the eastern India Company, that carried a two century long oppressive early american rule come India, actually problem coins come honour Hindu Gods?


Images the metal currency allegedly authorize by the east India Company, the outfit that arrived at Indian shores for trade yet ended increase seizing control of huge parts the the Indian subcontinent, have actually gone viral.

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1.Please watch for yourself,these coins to be issued by the British east India Company.The coins plainly depict Hindu gods & religious symbols,thus one can conveniently conclude that regardless of being the rulers they likewise knew that Hindu sentiments must be respected.But after independence pic.twitter.com/D4Vn2NyUGq

RAJIV1959) April 11, 2018

Coins of eastern India Company, printed with Hindu Gods and Goddesses! It"s so communal, wasn"t it?
Sharan00) November 23, 2017

But did the eastern India Company, that lugged a 2 century lengthy oppressive colonial rule to India, actually concern coins to honour Hindu Gods?

As the pictures of coins have damaged the internet, a ar of netizens asserted that "the british honoured the Hindu gods something the Congress never ever did".

Since among the coins has actually Lord lamb on one side the battle cry is an ext fierce also Britishers offered respect to Hindu sentiments. Yet Indian Congress refuse the visibility of Shri Ram and also made fun of Hindus.

Is over there something much more to the eastern India Company"s divisive and expansionist previous that Indians never knew of? The agency received a royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth ~ above 31 December 1600 and its a chronicled fact that with an military of 2.6 lakh soldiers the indulged in many unfair practices to further the reason of the crown.

Did it shot to trick the ind by sugar coating the pill and also issue the own money with photos of Indian gods?

Since netizens were encashing the coins, we chose to perform a reality check. The images present that the coins were issued in year 1818 and also 1839.

Sanjib Singh, the spokesperson of the nationwide Museum in Delhi said, "East India firm did worry coins in India which were made the Corolina (Gold), Anglina (Silver), Cupproon (Copper) and Tinny (Tin). Across the world, till now there is for sure no recommendation of coins with Hindu god inscribed top top them."

Singh, that is likewise an archaeologist, said, "There is reference about coins with Pgoda and Venkateshwar Gods. South Indian coins have had actually Gods since the beginning."

Reserve bank of India"s website has a complete background of coinage in India. India has been one of the more quickly issuers that coins in the world. Princely says such together Hyderabad, Faridkot and Udaipur authorize their own coins.




Blogger Kulraj Singh, in February 2009, called the coins in contention as fake. In fact, sink posted the photos of coins ~ above his blog and also the people that room doing the ring on the internet at this time seem to have actually been tweaked indigenous the images that the blogger posted.

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Also, us can an alert the pictures of contentious coins have actually misspelled the word Anna (formerly used money unit). They have written it together Aana. There are number of of these more than likely duplicate coins easily accessible for sale top top e-commerce websites for as low as Rs199.