Collectors location premiums over silver contents for nice condition coins. 1928 quarter value starts at $4.48 based mainly on silver price. A clean - readable day is a an excellent sign problem has the potential come raise just how much the coin is worth.

Using a step-by-step method and compare to photos the condition of the coin is determined. Greater quality is recognized by ethereal points established on the surface. Stand Liberty soldier are collected by date, mint variety and attention to condition. Continue through the steps below.


Steps causing Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark variety - varieties if 1928 quarters are noted and valued separately on the chart. Identity of each issued is necessary to small premium selection above silver- worth.

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Step 2: Grading problem - Collectors place huge premiums on much better condition coins. Images and descriptions aid visualize the different stages that preservation. Step 3: Special qualities - numerous times a worn coin stands out from the rest due to the fact that of attributes recognized as eye appealing. This old quarters are built up in differing stages of problem by a range of collectors both new and advanced. Important aesthetics are noted.

Looking at the chart, silver content is quickly a minor component of value in collector top quality Standing Liberty quarters. Pretty condition and eye very nice one are really important come recognize. First confirm date and mint variety.

Step 1: | determine Date and Mintmark selection Combination

Three ranges of 1928 soldier to Recognize

All 3 mints produced quarters in 1928. Philadelphia, Denver, and also San Francisco to win moderate quantities totaling 10.6 million combined.

Interestingly, manufacturing of soldier was short in to compare to various other years, yet this has not brought over into added premiums for low mintage numbers. With the ending of the series in 1930 its likely plenty of were saved and help supply today\"s collector. 1928 quarters are an opportunity to acquire low mintage coinage in an affordable range.

1928-S standing Liberty Quarter

\"S\" Mintmark ~ above Obverse: mountain Francisco Mint struck the Coin


San Francisco mint added 2.6 million 1928 soldier to the economy, an typical number for the western branch mint. A lightly circulated or far better coin is well got by collectors. It is easily accessible and affordable representing a san Francisco mint was standing Liberty quarter.

An \"S\" mintmark identifies the mint\"s production. Mountain Francisco inserted the mintmark to the left of the date. Look on the wall between the shortest star and also date to discover the tiny \"S\" mark.

1928-D was standing Liberty Quarter

\"D\" Mintmark top top Obverse: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Denver manufacturing of soldier was just over 1.6 million and are thought about abundant today. The value chart shows availability is focused in the reduced grades, detect a lightly worn or nicer problem coin does stand for a challenge. Premium top quality coins represent a nice find, true the the entire series.

Denver worries are established by the \"D\" mintmark inserted on every one of its coins. Inspect the left next of the date on the wall. Simply next to the lowest star if the \"D\" note is present, Denver win the quarter.

1928 stand Liberty Quarter

No Mintmark top top Obverse: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


1928 ended up being the fourth lowest mintage year of stand Liberty quarters struck in ~ the Philadelphia mint. Here is a coin with a low mint total of 6.3 million still abundant enough to remain affordable. A popular and also collectible example of the series.

Philadelphia, the main mint, did not ar mintmarks ~ above coinage in the 1920\"s. Come the left of the date, one empty an are on the wall next to the star, identifies the Philadelphia variety.

Step 2: | Judge problem to recognize Grade and also Collectible Quality

1928 Quarter worth | Silver and also Collector Grades

Collectors seek 1928 stand Liberty quarters v ample detail across Liberty and the shield. In the process of grading, an essential elements that the architecture are judged because that wear and also remaining detail.

The technique collectors use is to compare to standards of grades and also finding a close match. Because that example, a interlocutor shield with central detail, proof of the scarf, and solid lettering and also date is a high-grade 4 minutes 1 collectors seek.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: Coins that have actually not received wear to the surface ar are taken into consideration Mint State grade. High clues of the design are extended with luster, a delicate texture come the metal. Imparted at the time of striking the coin, visibility of luster is inspected very closely on optimal grade coins.

Fabric consists the lower component of the shield Liberty is holding. Come qualify together mint state, luster have to cover the whole fabric and the shield. A similar texture and also color is uncovered on the example, luster flow throughout the surface ar as the coin is tilted helping confirm no wear come the surface.

The scarf together it passes over the midriff of Liberty is the same color, texture, and also brightness as bordering metal. Any type of wear mirrors as a different shade to the metal, smooth in texture and less vibrance to the surface.

Extremely good Grade

Extremely Fine: light wear removing only the very highest parts of style elements defines the incredibly Fine grade. Many luster is worn replaced by a grey ton overall. This color readjust and a slim smoothing is also seen on really high relief contours.

Looking carefully at the fabric covering the shield finds a small flattened area top top the greatest fold. Stay is slim leaving the majority of the contours fine defined.

A full defined scarf is finish at Liberty\"s mid-section. Upper and lower edge to the scarf room complete and raised. Important a reduced contour runs through the center and length the the scarf.

Fine Grade

Fine Grade: Visibly flattened surface is a condition of moderate wear and also places the 4 minutes 1 in the well grade. Smooth metal has replaced many fine details.

Liberty\"s shield is now smooth in ~ the center, tiny of the emblem is seen. To with the well grade only the little of merging of the shield v Liberty is noted.

A scarf is visible end Liberty\"s mid-section. Lower edge that the scarf is very faint to merger in places. Optimal edge is likewise merged with Liberty in places.

Good Grade

Good Grade: heavy wear connecting significant design elements defines the great grade. A clear day is a need for the grade also as strong lettering along the in salt and throughout the walls.

Liberty is currently an overview with few central details. Her overview is solid and parts of the gown, defended by the walls, is well in-depth giving the coin quite eye appeal for the grade.

The shield is fully blended right into Liberty. Cloth at the lower component of the shield shows tiny detail and also is also merged through the shield.

A well detailed scarf is checked out in Liberty\"s hand, together it meets Liberty\"s number all traces that top and bottom edges are missing.

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1927 quarters are no longer taken into consideration tied to silver value as soon as approaching the extremely Fine grade. Extr grading is excellent to identify a coin pull close this high degree of quality.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading stand Liberty soldier

Step 3: | Special features Enhancing Value

Collectors watch of Aesthetics and added Value

When collectors room assembling set of coins, they start to develop an opinion of properties separating an appeal coin indigenous others. Among the draws to collecting standing Liberty quarters is the design. A full figure of Liberty stop symbolism of tranquility (Olive Branch) and protection (U.S. Shield) is a dynamic portrayal.

This exceptional architecture is evaluate by collectors and also prompts many to collection the collection in as high, finest preserved, condition possible. Eye very nice sums up their method when considering a coin.

From mint state come worn condition, eye very nice of a stand Liberty quarter varies native coin to coin. Wear come the surface and also removal of fine style elements does lessen the influence of the initial design. Other determinants are additionally considered to eye appeal and also when found positive and also pleasing assist strengthen any kind of grade

Using a lightly circulated instance illustrates a few important aesthetics. A moment viewing the coin and you start to \"see\" the coin native a collector\"s perspective.

First is the amount of wear, light and also subtle. Many fine details remain. Looking at the coin overall, good line information is uncovered on Liberty, shield, and olive branch. The wall surface on one of two people side shows the original texture ~ above the panels.

Secondly, coloration the the coin is a herbal silver-grey v deeper tones that grey on lower contours. A ethereal antique tan is just developing on the brighter protected areas. These slight tones are well blended, balanced over the coin, and also highlight the design bringing out little details.

Third is the lack of any kind of marks come the surface. Circulated coins often end up being nicked and marked over time, a typical occurrence. The town hall the coin, no marks or scratches glint in the light capturing the eye. Mark cost-free surfaces is a fast separation native the bulk of examples.

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By recognizing the aesthetics of this three aspects on your coin, any condition example becomes really solid because that the grade and also an eye appealing coin sought by collectors.


U.S. Mint. 1929 U.S. Mint yearly Report Mint. 1916 U.S. Mint yearly Report.

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