How come Replace auto Speed Sensor 92-01 Honda Accord

Watch this video clip to learn how to resolve a faulty speed sensor. The specialists at 1A Auto display you how to replace the vehicle speed sensor on her 92-01 Honda public or Accord.

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The ar of the speed sensor different with various models or engines, so double check your rate sensors location based upon the model.
Unplug the connector. Usage your 10mm ratchet and extension to remove the two bolts attaching it. with down and grab ahold that it and gently twist it ago and soon till the pops off. There should be a post connected come it as well, make sure to eliminate this too.
usage a light to watch where to place your new 1A Auto speed sensor. put the brand-new drive shaft write-up in first. using a irradiate you can see how the article fits into place. press the sensor under onto it's seating. change the two bolts and tighten them up firmly yet not as well tight. Reconnect the connector.

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Tools essential for replacement

Ratchets & connected

Socket Extensions


Sockets - Metric

10mm Socket

Brought come you by Your source for quality replacement parts and the finest service ~ above the internet..Hi, I"m Mike Green. I"m one of the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and money repairing and also maintaining her vehicle. I"m walk to use my 20 add to years experience restoring and repairing cars and trucks choose this to display you the correct way to install parts from The right parts mounted correctly that"s going to conserve you time and also money. Give thanks to you and enjoy the video.We"re walk to change the automobile speed sensor on this 95 Accord. This procedure is the exact same for countless Hondas and also this is a typical problem. If her speedometer doesn"t work-related or works intermittently commonly it is this auto speed sensor. Half the fight is simply knowing whereby to discover the sensor, so I"m walk to present you that on this 95 Accord. This is a V6 automatically car. On your car, the ar of your sensor may differ if you have actually a different model or engine, but it"s nice easy. The just tool you"ll need is a 10mm socket through a ratchet and extension. So, top top this Honda Accord V6 you can see we"re top top the driver"s next the battery here. Your speed sensor is located right down -got to acquire this lighting right here if ns can- ns actually have actually it unplugged already. Over there it is best there. For this reason you"re usually looking ideal down in behind the engine, and you deserve to see appropriate there is just one of the 10 mm bolts that requirements to it is in taken out and then there"s one a little closer towards the prior of the car. So I"m looking at our new sensor. Therefore this is the one hole wherein you have the right to see the 10 mm bolt, and then obviously the other one is situated right end here, and also those room the only two bolts you have to remove. Therefore the connector you just reach in with your thumb and also there is a little tab the you push on v your thumb and also you most likely can"t see very well, however you push on it v your thumb and then you traction the connector up and also off. I"m just using a 10mm socket v an expansion on a ratchet here, and also you simply kind of feeding it appropriate down there. I require a small bit of light. Put a tiny bit the light and get that wrench appropriate on there and move it forward. Obtained to gain the wrench underneath these plug wires here and on that bolt and get that going. And what I execute to remove the bolts every the way is ns loosen them through the ratchet an initial and then I just use this extension and do it by hand due to the fact that they carry out come out pretty easy. And also then once you have the bolts out you desire to reach down through your hand and grab an excellent hold of it and also it"s going come twist. Twisted it earlier and forth if friend can and then it will certainly pop off. Bring it up and out. Also reach under in and also where this sensor is there"s a little post difficult up and you desire to pull that the end too. For this reason you can see ours old speed sensor. Here"s the brand-new speed sensor from 1A Auto. You deserve to see it"s all going to connect the same. The new sensor even comes v a tiny drive shaft. Because that this car this sensor is working fine for this reason I"m simply going to reinstall the original one. So very first I"m walk to placed my drive tower down in, and also this is basically, I"m walk to use some irradiate to watch down in there and also see where the sensor goes, placed this right into the center of the hole and then just twist it and also push down at the same time until it goes in. In reality with good light you deserve to see precisely how it desires to walk in. Simply move my irradiate here. The only difficulty here is constantly having great light and being may be to check out what you"re doing. In ~ this angle i can practically get it. It"s a issue of just stuffing mine arm under in there far enough. I"ve gained it in the hole. Twist it. Push it down in. Okay, now what I"m walk to execute is the sensor goes in basically like that for this reason I"m walking to host the sensor prefer this, and also I"m going to feel for whereby this part goes through these two fingers. I"m walk to hold it favor this and also kind of feel down there for it, and then when I feeling the right spot press it under on. I"m going to carry out it carefully because you desire to make certain that that pillar goes in the exactly spot. Then I can feel it. Simply kind that lightly placing it down on until that pillar finds the right spot. There it is, and also now I"ll gently push it down on, and now I have the right to put my two bolts earlier in and we"ll tighten them up firm, but not also tight. Reconnect the connector and also we"ll be every set.We expect this help you out. Brought to you by Your source for top quality replacement parts and also the finest service ~ above the internet. Please feel cost-free to contact us toll cost-free 888-844-3393. We"re the company that"s below for girlfriend on the internet and in person.