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Customers: Please keep in mind that because these coins room older, castle may have actually blemishes and/or imperfections and are no guaranteed to be in excellent uncirculated condition.

The united state Mint ongoing their tradition of release bullion American silver- Eagle coins in 1993, with this year’s execution of the coin see an uptick in popularity to almost 7M coin sales. The 1993 silver Eagle featured the standard Eagle design, and also the usual $1 USD challenge value and .999 fine silver purity.

Coin Highlights:

Mintage of just 6,763,762 coins!Individual coins delivery in plastic coin flips, multiples that 20 ship in mint tubes, and multiples the 500 delivery in mint boxes.Contains 1 oz of .999 silver. $1 USD confront value.Face value and also purity backed by the federal government.Eligible for usage in Precious metals IRAs.

Collectors room sure to appreciate the intricacy of each detail on the coin’s surfaces, and the masterful level of craftsmanship it took to accomplish such precision. The former of the coin features the explicate of Lady Liberty together she philosophies a increasing sun. In her hand, she holds a pile of branches while her various other hand is extended as a sign of welcome.

The opposite next of the coin proudly display screens the great Seal the the united States, i beg your pardon has end up being our countrys unofficial cloak of arms. This crest screens a shield framed by the outstretched wings of our nationwide bird. In the talons, the eagle holds an olive branch and also a collection of arrows. The olive branch illustrates the state of peace that we strive because that within ours country.

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You can also contact us via live chat or our digital forms. Please visit our website for other grades and also editions of this specific piece. If you are interested in this 1993 silver- Eagle, friend may additionally want to examine out the 1993 American silver- Eagle NGC MS69 or the 1993 PCGS American silver Eagle PR70 DCAM.

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