I use the Buick to go to work so I can save mileage on my good cars, however it I like to roll downthe windows, I wanted to get my windows fixed and they wanted 400.00 dollars each and I thought that was too much, so I will try to do it my self, so please let me know because I am not a mechanicbut willing to try. Thanks Ed

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The following was from this thread:http://www.centregalilee.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=15646This is a really common problem on these cars. To fix it you will need to replace the regulator/window track assembly. The good news is it is an easy fix if you are at all handy.The regulator/track assembly from GM is $300+, online you can get them for about $150-200 or you can get them out of a junk yard, which is what I do. I get them from the pick-a-part for about $25. There are 4 10mm screws that attach them to the body, 3 10mm screws that hold the motor to the door and 2 10mm screws that hold the glass to the regulator. It should take 1/2 hour or less to do the job yourself if you are handy.If you do it yourself get one from the junk yard first - that way you will know how to take the door apart. The door panel is held in with push clips around the perimiter and two T15 (Torx) screws. The Torx screws are hidden under a panel that pops off and is at the bottom of the door pull well - where you pull to close the door. You need a door panel puller or a putty knife to pry the push clips, a T15 driver and a 10mm wrench. A 10mm socket and socket wrench is nice but not mandatory.
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Hey Army (retired Navy here),As posted in the earlier reply, changing out the regulator/cables/motor is not too difficult if one is handy with tools. But you really should do some parts/price hunting online, because prices vary widely.For example: my wife"s 2000 Century Custom needed a passenger-side rear-door window fix... I just recently ordered the entire thing "new" (not used) -- Dorman P/N 741-709 for $83.09 total
($77.21 + $5.88 shipping, and no state sales tax for my locale). I"m just waiting for temps to get out of the 100s (back down into the 80s at least) before I fix it for her (the A/C works fine, and she uses it).As was mentioned, you can get the the entire assembly (regulator/cable/motor) from SALVAGE YARDS, but make sure the "cables" are not stretched and are taunt, before you remove them. You can search salvage yards online, at: http://www.car-part.com/For wife"s car, I bought a NEW one, here"s the website from which I ordered the part:http://carpartscloseouts.com/WINDOW-REGUL/M/B000TYTS64.htm