I'm looking to replace the crank positioning sensor as well as the Idle Air control Valve on our Ford Explorer. Because that the many part, the Idle manage looks reasonably simple come replace. Is over there anything technical I have to know about replacing this other than plug and also go? Also. Where precisely is the Crank Sensor located. Ns haven't also looked because that this, however I to be told that this is among the factors for ours idling issues. Thanks

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Crankshaft sensor is focused in reduced front of engine compartment girlfriend may need to loosen Ac comp so you can pull the out. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to obtain the problem fixed.

Ok. So, I"m choose up those parts above today. Anybody rather got any other suggestions of what can possibly be wrong v the truck? I"m hope this go the trick. I don"t want wifey stranded on random days any more. Please advise.Over and also out. And. Under and in? Lol


hello there, Mitchell 1 advises the a sensor will certainly be approx$61.00 and about 1 hr labour to replace.Mark (mhpautos)
mine truck has been having an concern lately wherein it cranks yet does not start. My fuel press is good to the shrader valve, mine spark is good, my battery is good. Can it be the I must replace the crank sensor?When the difficulty occurs, which has been twicw in the last month, however 3 time today, as lengthy as I keep trying it ultimately turns over. It appears as if other is walking bad and also getting worse. I think I have actually isolated the difficulty to that sensor. Could I it is in right? If so, what space my odds?
Hello, It could be the Crank Sensor but it could likewise be the MAF Sensor. Has actually the engine light to be on? through that year vehicle if you have a sensor going negative a password reader will pick that up as a Pending Code. So, go by your regional parts store and also have them examine the codes.Also, once you say you have an excellent fuel pressure at shrader valve, did you examine with fuel push tester? If not you might want to. A weak pump or bad pressure regulator can cause you trouble also..

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First, thanks for together a fast response. What is the MAF sensor? I"ve no heard that that. The inspect engine light has not to be coming on, yet sometimes that light have the right to act increase on larger vehicles, so ns hope possibly that"s it. No, I just pushed in ~ the shrader to check out if fuel was getting there from the tank to shot and cancel out a fuel pump issue. Ns don"t have any an excellent test equipment. I"ve simply been consulting mine Haynes manual and also tried come troubleshoot points one at a time through what I"ve got. I would certainly go ago and have actually them test the fuel pressure yet I"m fear I"ll obtain stuck the end somewhere and also have come pay because that a tow. I really can"t purchased to take the chance.I expect I"ll simply replace the Crank place Sensor and also pray that it"s fixed. I simply spent 1,200 in June having actually maintainence performed and tests run at the dealership to make certain nothing was going bad any type of time soon. Currently this. I really hope it"s that small 15 disagreement sensor ns bought and also nothing more.