Dodge Dakota owners have actually reported 20problems regarded fuel hoses lines/piping and fittings (under the petrol fuel device category).The many recently reported problems are noted below.

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The call owns a 1997 dodge Dakota. The contact stated the there was a fuel odor emitting outside the vehicle. The automobile was taken to a exclusive mechanic where it was diagnosed that the fuel line needed to be replaced. The auto was no repaired. The manufacturer was educated of the failure and stated that the VIN to be not contained in NHTSA campaign number: 00v199000 (fuel system, gasoline). The failure mileage was 121,000. The VIN was not available. Watch all problems of the 1997 dodge Dakota🔎.

2005 evade Dakota 4x2. Chrysler fuel line part# 68043248aa. Fuel heat leak near tank. When automobile is turned on, fuel sprays out of the hose under press from fuel pump. Looking in ~ the tank v the driver"s next wheel well, gas have the right to be plainly seen spraying indigenous the hose onto the underside of the van bed and also into the wheel well then puddling under the bed of the truck. A lot of fuel comes out and also puddles under the vehicle. We were informed of the problem by a driver in one more other vehicle that smelled gasoline. They adhered to us until we stopped. Auto was immediately taken to repair shop. There was no factor for the line to fail. Vehicle in terrific shape otherwise. We were lucky that the auto did not capture fire. See all problems of the 2005 dodge Dakota🔎.

Gas caps room defective on dodge Dakota"s 2003 series. . . This causes computer come fire one error the their is a leak in the air pollution system. . Take to dealers and also they charge 90 dollars to reset and then tell girlfriend gas cap is all right and also if the does the again lug it back. . . Again in ~ a 90 dollar charge. On the internet I to be able to find thousands of human being having specifically the same poor gas caps. . . . . . Then I wrote the manufacturer and ago and soon on 3 replies. . Each time they merely tell me go to a dealer . . . Apparently they carry out not even properly check out e mails lock receive. . . This are available if needed!the pollution control system is significant on the more recent vehicles, and certainly a known continuous failure the faulty gas caps effects the entire system and is a high expense item for the customer to shot working over and over through the dealers. . As soon as the produce is or need to be conscious of the defective gas lid failures. Watch all problems of the 2003 evade Dakota🔎.

: the call stated that there was a fuel leakage in the auto which began in the beginning of June 2006. There was recall #00v199000 regarding fuel leakage but the dealer and manufacturer identified the VIN the the car was not had in the recall.

Began smell fuel while in ~ idle or automatically after shutting engine off. If vehicle was left shut off for 30 minute or for this reason the smell would subside and cease. Vehicle then began taking several secs of cranking to begin which added to the instance that fuel to be escaping native the pressurized fuel line while sitting. Ns observed liquid leaking native under truck on driver next of car in the cab an ar and ~ above closer inspection found the steel fuel heat showed proof of rubbing versus under next of cab body and was spraying fuel toward facility of truck and had the under next of truck cab wet in around a 2 foot square. Fuel line shows no evidence of being affected and is still organized in routing and also securing clamps under vehicle. This appears to be the original routing that fuel lines.

My 1997 evade Dakota captured fire under the hood, with the just warning gift the solid smell of gasoline, when being driven down the road.

Gasoline odor while the auto was running. Uncovered fuel leaking native the fuel line to run under the body on driver"s side. Dealer to be notified, and informed the customer that the auto was not spanned under a recall.

Fuel heat leaks. Consumer is concerned that car will record on fire. A recall was issued. However, this auto was not included in the recall because of VIN.

During a program inspection dealerships informed the customer that brake heat cracked, and also was causing brake liquid to leak. Mechanic did not fix the problem. Check out all difficulties of the 1999 dodge Dakota🔎.

After recall repair 00v-199 that the fuel line fitting the inspect engine light illuminated and the auto began bucking choose the fuel was no responding to the accelerator pedal, the was found that the upstream and downstream oxygen sensors failed, automobile ran perfectly prior to recall work. Nlm.

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Recall 00v199000/fuel line / cab underbody : dealer tied off fuel line with electric straps rather of of following corrective action mention in recall. Seeking aid from NHTSA in this matter; dealer is kelly sales & service, springfield, vt call # 802/885-2186. You re welcome feel complimentary to provide further details:.