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Accord 97 LX key Relay HelpAnyone have actually a photo of whereby the main relay ~ above a 1997 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl is located. As soon as I say main relay, i mean PGM-FI key Relay under the dash. I"ve been trying to find that sucker, and I can"t it seems ~ to uncover it, if someone deserve to take a picture or something, that would be great, additionally tell me if I need to take anything the end to obtain to it. Thx!All I understand is that it has 7 wires going come it and also looks brown? am I appropriate or wrong about that?I checked a few manuals, but it"s not on the place they specify.

I just pulled mine the end last weekend. I have a 94 Accord EX therefore yours have to be close to whereby mine was. If you open up the driver"s door and also slide onto the floor top top the driver"s side; when laying on your earlier and slide far sufficient up so that you can look under the dash look over the steering column, the relay should be positioned alongside a silver box. You must see another box v a redish brown bottom and also grey sides. That"s the key Relay. Mine was simply sitting ~ above a rail, there was nothing rather holding it in place. I just pushed up on the relay and also it slid off. Mine will be getting replaced due to the fact that there room burn clues on the circuitry.

thanks for the search cryogen, but ive already done that, ns don"t need to read about other human being having the same trouble as me. What i asked particularly was because that the ar of the relay, not any type of problems other world are having, btw the 90-93 accords don"t have actually it in the same location as a 1997 Accord. Thanks to the other human who in reality took the initiative to provide me a general location. I will look again and also see if i can uncover it. :bh :bh :bh

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Ok, found the main relay, it to be the biggest pain in the A$$ to get out! God whoever put it there to be not thinking "ease of maintenance" yet after making use of a flathead driver to pry versus the metal and also wiggle it off the clips, it finally got out, ns took the apart in the car, and I didn"t see any type of cracked solder in ~ all, however it smelled burned. Relatively strong too. Currently the problem with my vehicle isn"t the it won"t begin or the stalls. The difficulty is, After expanded periods of times. Such at 2-3 hours, or overnight, simply long enough to cool the vehicle off, it takes 3-10 cranks that the ignition prior to it transforms on. Usually it cranks promptly for 3-10 depending on the duration of time the vehicle is shut off before it actually turns on. This problem is an extremely weird. My brand-new questions are. 1. Just how much walk a brand-new main relay cost. 2. Is it in reality damaged? 3. What else could be the problem due to the fact that I have actually a brand new Cap/rotor/plugs, Fuel Filter, Sparkplug wires, and the fuel injectors being serviced by honda. And likewise a Valve mediate a main ago. Still can"t number out what"s leading to this issue. Thanks for the assist guys. :bh :bh :bh :bh