car wouldn't start. Replaced fuel pump. Tho won't start. No sound native fuel pump when trying to revolve over.I to be trying to change crankshaft sensor. Can't uncover location in haynes manuel. Mirrors picture, but, quiet can't find it. Spring

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transmission bellhousing, but. No luck. Have the right to you point me in the best direction? Thank-you an extremely much!

close to the top of bellhousing. It is held in by 2 thirteen mm bolts and also has a wire coming from it. Look under at the bell real estate from under the hood on motorists side and also you will watch the wire connector, follow the to the sensor. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what happens.

The crankshaft position sensor is situated on the left next of the infection bell housing. One 11mm bolt holds it in place. The harness goes up end the bell housing and also comes the end on the best side the the engine block. It"s a three wire plug.

uneven your native the UK and have a rhd version then is on the passenger next ! had me stumped for a when !

walk anyone know the location of the crankshaft place sensor because that a 1997 jeep cherokee sport and how to replace it.

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CRANKSHAFT position SENSOR Fig. 33 Crankshaft place Sensor


The crankshaft place sensor is placed in the infection bellhousing in ~ the left/rear next of the engine block (Fig. 33) . On most engines, the sensor is attached v two bolts.REMOVAL 1.Near the rear of the intake manifold, disconnect the pigtail harness (on the sensor) from the main electric harness. 2.Remove the seed holding sensor wire clip to fuel rail mounting stud. 3.Depending top top application, remove either the sensor mounting bolt(s) or nuts. 4.Remove the sensor. 5.Remove clip indigenous sensor wire harmess.INSTALLATION 1.Install the sensor flush versus the opened in the transmission housing. 2.Install and also torque the 2 sensor mounting bolts (or nuts) to 19 Nm (14 ft. Lbs.) . CAUTION: On part models, 2 bolts are offered to for sure the sensor come the transmission. These bolts are specially machined come correctly an are the unit to the flywheel. Perform not attempt to install any other bolts. 3.Connect the electric connector come the sensor. 4.Install clip top top sensor cable harness. 5.Install clip over fuel rail mounting stud. Download clip mounting nut. Https://