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Does anyone have actually or know where to uncover a diagram of the brake line routing for a 91 EGT? I"m feather to placed in a hydraulic handbrake and also I desire it come actuate just the rears. One more thing that could be advantageous would be if anyone has a chart of the biasing block since then I might just reroute the lines v that.ThanksPaul

2008 Mazda 3 Hatch, 5 speed. Gyeongju Beat exhaust, HPS cold wait intake, 60mm accelerator body, Hypertech tuned.1997 Wagon, 5 speed SoldUpgrades: Tac Cluster, 21mm swaybar, F&R Strut Bars, short Throw Shifter, tradition Intake, 2" Exhaust, 25% UDP, ported Throttle Body, practice 4-1 Shorty Header.
Nope, it"s on the firewall in around the middle of the car. Uneven I"m mistaken about that being the biasing block. Either way, over there is a block that has actually 2 lines comes from the master cylinder and 3 present going come wheels. 1 of those currently goes to the front best the other 2 walk to the rear wheels. There is 1 line that goes straight from the understand cylinder come the front left. I"m at work-related right now yet if I need to I have the right to make a illustration of what ns see and possibly be much more descriptive the what ns want.

Actually, i think what i really require to understand is what the internals that the proportioning valve do. I need to recognize whether the brakes are connected corner to corner or front to back.

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Thanks Greg, i figured it could be. Why run the currently the way they space if the wasn"t? I"m walk to have actually to figure out some method of gaining the proportioning right while in ~ the very same time splitting up the brake lines. This car will dominate (mostly) when I"ve gained this working or probably I"ll simply go throught tires faster. I"ll try to get some pictures up and also hopefully it will certainly be excellent by the first autocross. BTW, space you going come be there Greg?
I arrangement to be! I"d choose to gain my busted window replaced, a new dash instal kit, the warmth blender control cable and also a couple of spare knobs to replace the stuff that obtained stolen.That method I"ll in ~ least have some ventelation top top the way to/from and also my vehicle won"t look every trashy through a packing tape window. Later in the season, I"m simply gonna pull the end the remainder of audio device the scumbags didn"t steal.Let me know just how you go around routing all this brake ingredient cuz i"d choose to execute it through mine too. I"m just not sure just how to rig increase an adjustable proportioning valve v a diagonally break-up system. And also does anyone know where to get a grasp cylinder v a enlarge bore?
Your sh!t got jacked?! WTF! You had actually a an excellent looking auto too. As for a bigger bore master, I know that the later second gens have actually a various bore than the previously ones. I desire to say that 91-93 has actually a 3/8" bore and also 94-96 have actually 7/16" but I"m probably wrong. That is likewise when they switched from the biasing block to biasing valves the hook right right into the understand cylinder.My arrangement for the proportioning is to reuse the block and reroute the currently to perform my bidding. Basically recross the crossed lines and also switch it to a prior to ago split. First, send the forward solitary line from the master through the cockpit to the hydraulic handbrake. This is the line that offered to operate the front right and also rear left. At this point I could put an adjustable proportion valve in yet that won"t be necessary since I"m reusing the original block. Climate the line goes back through the firewall and also hooks right into the biasing block to obtain split, biased, and also sent to the wheels.If you desire to keep yours diagonally break-up it will certainly be a small trickier to placed in an flexible bias valve, also an ext expensive. Permit me understand what you desire to do due to the fact that I"m just going come buy a kit native Jegs the has all of the brake line fab stuff.