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Hey guys, 1993 4.3L. I went to change the spark plugs and Autozone recommended them to it is in gapped in ~ .35Problem is the the radiator sticker mirrors .45I"ve excellent a search online and all i can uncover is .35 or .40I"m stumped. Any type of ideas?

SS wannabe "96 Ext Cab 4.3L, 5 Speed, "98 Trans to be G80 diff swapped right into an originally equipped 2.2L slush box.

Install the spark plugs together is. If you have the correct spark plugs for her engine they carry out not need re-gapping.


i personally the them the end of the box, look at the void (make sure it isn"t excessive/closed) and also install them. I can"t call you as soon as the last time i gapped a plug was. NEVER space a platnum/iridum plug. Friend will damage it gapping it.
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Denso spark plugs because that a 1983-1995 Chevrolet 4.3L V6 space pre-gapped at .035" and also do not require re-gapping. Each spark plug comes through a safety nylon sleeve top top the threads to prevent damage to the tip during shipping and also storage. T20PR-U regular PTF20TT platinumTF20 iridium
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they aren"t bad. Ns can adjust all the mine in much less than 30 minutes,including r & r the steering tower from the steeringbox...
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I can gain all 6 plugs native the wheel well, i don"t even have to remove the steering tower if I usage a wobble expansion on the plug socket but my van is 2wd
SS wannabe "96 Ext Cab 4.3L, 5 Speed, "98 Trans to be G80 diff swapped into an initially equipped 2.2L slush box.

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Changed out really easily.Well guys, few of you stated to go through the pre-gap. I know why and also all, as model details plugs that room sleeved don"t need to be gapped (but at the very least checked). Ns can"t remember having to actually set the gap in years myself.BUT- there lies this conundrum. The recommendation at the components store stated that these room the ideal plugs. I even dual checked virtual at different part stores and also they are the form for the truck(year. Engine, design specific), and they are all .35!I"m recognize it very hard to overlook the radiator sticker that claims .45Maybe the GM engineers changed the encourage gap, article production? This sucks. I"m a stickler for staying within OEM specs, and this is cooking my A**.I recognize what friend mean around Autozone employee advice. Those children only understand what they"ve to be told, and it"s not constantly out the the book.