Error password P1391 is identified as CMP or CKP Signal Intermittent Condition. It describes intermittent problems in the CMP (camshaft place sensor) or the CKP (crankshaft place sensor), which typically happens

This error code is a manufacturer-specific trouble code, meaning it go not use to all vehicles. Rather, it uses only to specific vehicle makes, such together Dodge and Jeep. Specification on the definition, troubleshooting, and repairs still differ from one make and model come another.

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Error password P1391 happens when the PCM (powertrain manage module, additionally known together ECM or engine manage module in other vehicle makes) has detected the the actual position of the CMP disagrees through its intended level as collection by the manufacturer.

Common Symptoms

Aside indigenous the activation that the inspect Engine light and also registration the the password in the vehicle’s system, this error password can additionally show drivability problems as its symptoms. These include:

Engine strength lossHard beginning or no begin at allEngine stumbles or stalls

Possible Causes

In many cases, Error password P1391 happens when the time chain has jumped due to a recent change of the sensors. Other feasible causes include:

Faulty CKPOpen or shorted CKP sensor harnessPoor electrical connection in the CKP sensorStretched or jumped timing belt or chainFaulty CMPOpen or shorted CMP sensor harnessPoor electrical link in the CMP sensor

This could also happen if the coils and also injectors are acquiring fired intermittently. Something you would mean if the PCM is getting a weak signal.

How come Check

Have girlfriend recently adjusted sensors? If yes, climate the timing could be off, which is causing this problem.

If you have actually replaced the sensors and also have checked the wiring, the following thing you need to inspect is the timing, and also that will include removing the covers.

How to Fix

If you have changed the sensors recently, then you have to test the timing chain and also make sure the timing note lines up. This is generally the most typical scenario, and reasonably easy come fix.

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Other repair include:

Repair or replacement of CKP sensor harnessRepair or instead of electrical link in CKP sensorRepair or replacement of CMP sensor harnessRepair or replacement electrical connection in CMP sensor

In plenty of cases, this difficulty arises from unreliable aftermarket sales parts. Thus, that is constantly wise to install dealer sensors first, as they’re more reliable and also fits perfectly with your vehicle.