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Hi, glad to watch theres a community for ford escort owners!My tiny teal beast died on me earlier this main while driving home. After ~ checking for spark and also fuel, ns unbloted the peak two screws come the timing belt shield, pulled it apart sufficient to see the belt and also had who crank the car. The belt itself did not move(I guess that snapped) so it looks choose i"m walking to have to replace it.I don"t have actually the method right now to salary a mechanic to settle it therefore I will be doing the myself. My concern to anyone that has actually done this before is usually is that do-able for someone through moderate mechanical skill? I"m going to choose up the repair hands-on tomorow at pep-boys, but I might sure use some advice and info ~ above this.Merry Christmas and also Happy Holidays.
If you have actually pretty an excellent mechanical skills you"ll it is in able to readjust the time belt. A large percentage of us on this site readjust our own timing belts. A Chilton"s or Haynes manual will provide you step by action instructions, i personally like Chilton"s since they give much more specifications and an ext detailed details than Haynes.

I changed mine for the very first time last month and it was differ easy. Just replace the tensioner in ~ the same time and you should be an excellent to go.
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this is not a tough change.remove ideal front tire. Eliminate splash shield.using 3/8 journey ratchet, insert in serpentine belt tensioner, pull towards front that car, eliminate belt. If A/C equipped, remove 3 10mm bolts holding line in place. This will aid you in re-installing serpentine belt.back down below, use a 19 mm socket ~ above crank pulley, remove bolt, climate pulley.remove old belt, ( obviously broke, so straightforward removal.pull all 4 crank bolt, rotate pully come #1 optimal dead center. Friend will an alert that the notch on crank lines up with note on block... Not the little "dot"!insert a 8mm allen wrench in time belt tensioner, and pull. If holding pressure, slide a 1/8" drill little bit in feet in tensioner, to lock in place. Turn electronic came until "point" casted into pulley lines increase with mark on head.slide belt right into place.put pressure earlier on allen wrench, remove drill bit, and also slowly release stress and anxiety until belt that time marks.remove crank bolt, reinstall serpentine belt opposite as removal. Not forget around a/c plugs, wires. START!verify belt running true, ect. You will recognize if time is off!re-install splash shield, tire.This can be excellent with basic hand tools in about 1 hour.