I am functioning on daughters 1999 expedition Eddie Bauer through climate regulate system and trying to recognize what I should fix. As soon as operating the Climate control Head, everthing switched to suitable areas i.e. Defroster, floor, floor/panel, etc and also max air. Problem: have actually very tiny heat comes from former or rear. It is slightly warmer 보다 cold and also the temp guage is reading normal.I checked the heater hoses in ~ the firewall and both were hot and also blower worked normal. Based on a most suggestions, I have taken off the dash and also inspected within. The mix door chin looks fine and so walk the heater core. The blend door actuator is in the full closed place which it would certainly be, i think, because that maximum heat. The listed below link has actually a snapshot of the blend door position and other pictures of vacuum activate switches that I confirm for function.http://s1125.photobucket.com/albums/l595/1964Malibu/Expedition heat Air/Please article in your web browser if the does highlight and also confirm the door position.Since the trouble is front and rear, i am start to think the I have wasted by time because the difficulty is front and also rear and not just the front.I have read whereby others have replaced their water pump and also solved their problem.To be honest, i am lost. If the trouble is front and rear might both have failed at the exact same time? The wait conditioning works fine front and rear.It would additionally be useful if someone can tell me just how to inspect the blend door actuator v a outside power source also because the dash and also electrical device is disconnected.Please advise if I have to do something else before I put any type of money into replacing materials that are probably good. I have to proceed quickly due to the fact that she was using my 2004 expedition until Monday Night as soon as she acquired hit by a drunk driver. The is possible now that my auto is going to it is in totalled and also she is there is no transportation and also I am stuck with my Fusion.I believed I covered all the bases before I started yet now the I have actually torn that down, i am really second guessing myself and thinking the "The additional I go, the behinder i get"

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Man ns feel your pain. Ns bought my expi just to go to phibìc dakota. Choose an idiot i only checked the the AC operated cuz who the heck ever drove a car that didn"t punch scorching warm air?well i had actually the dealer flush it and that helped a *little*. Ns did every the stuff your talking about. Did thermostat, confirm the blend doors etc. I pretty much provided up. Then i took it come maddy"s in seattle because that a round joint job (good males there) and also after a conversation he argued a brand-new radiator cap. He offered me one for totally free that might have even been offered and likewise was rated 1psi less than the one i had actually on there. Ns think he to be on to something too since when my truck was warm the radiator cap did no hiss when unscrewed and likewise the main upper hose was too basic to squeeze. It"s quiet kinda weird. My truck at idle walk not acquire real hot. Once you up the rpms even a small bit you have the right to instantly feeling it obtain warmer. To me that is a flow issue and not the water heater up from the extra load.this is a REAL typical problem through this generation of fords i notice. Mine housemate"s f150 behaves similarly and it"s a 5.4L.

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I didn"t check out in your post that you checked the coolant level. Make certain the system is full.Also, because you are this far, take it the blend door ideal out and also look closely at the bottom whereby it mounts the actuator. Mine to be cracked but still worked and failure to be not much away.there should also be a plastic shroud about the heater core if i am not mistaken and it looks prefer yours is not present.