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Thank you ICE445.. That is what ns really want to know.As for other manuals stating differently.. Both my file copy and the electronic copy I just downloaded.. It was stating together I explained for the 2007 model.. Your millage may vary.:lol2:
Easiest method is to empty the reservoir through a turkey baster and refill v mercon 5 atf. Execute this 2-3 times/yr. "til liquid "reddens" up. No air/bleed issues.
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Just to collection the document straight. Mercon ATF is quiet made and available anywhere. I usage it in several older vehicles. Periodically it can get confusing. I have an older auto that uses Mercon V. And one numerous years more recent that uses Mercon ATF. All room Fords.
Just to collection the document straight. Mercon ATF is tho made and obtainable anywhere. I use it in numerous older vehicles. Periodically it can acquire confusing. I have actually an older car that supplies Mercon V. And also one numerous years newer that offers Mercon ATF. All space Fords.
Are you talking about the aftermarket multi vehicle form fluids that fulfill Mercon spec? ns haven"t checked out Mercon because that sale anywhere, ever. All I"ve checked out is Mercon V and also Mercon LV. Yet I guess i wasn"t looking for it, to it is in fair. I understand Ford stopped making it themselves 10 year ago, that was the whole point of the TSB. Unless it"s just dubbed something rather now and I to let go a memo somewhere...
Dexron 3/Mercon atf is tho on save shelves. Ford backspec"d Mercon 5 atf come be used in every prior Dexron 3/Mercon atf applications.
I supplied the "old" Dexron 3/Mercon atf (Castrol) in the son"s 1990 Bronco. The ATF that come out of that thing literally STANK prefer old equipment oil (sulfer?). I got some on my clothes and also my wife wanted to understand WTH the stink was prior to she"d placed it in her washing machine. Most likely original liquid with 100K miles and 25 years of age. Ns figured ~ 30K (if he doesn"t total it prior to then) I"ll try filling it with Mercon V. That is nice being able to drain the talk converter.
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^+1. Mercon V atf to be offered in Dexron lll/Mercon atf applications other than where the old kind F atf is specified. This uses to trannies and ps systems.
FORD RECOMMENDED power STEERING FLUID:From my original 2005 Ford Taurus owner"s manual, recommended strength steering liquid was:Motorcraft MERCON ATF Ford component # XT-2-QDX Ford Specification: MERCONFord updated the power steering fluid requirements in 2007 together follows: Ford business Bulletin TSB07-1-7 (Dated January 9th, 2007, regarding power steering fluids)ISSUE: MERCON automatic Transmission fluid is being changed by MERCON V together a organization fluid for strength steering systems originally requiring MERCON.

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ACTION: Beginning automatically all strength steering applications requiring MERCON deserve to now it is in serviced utilizing MERCON V or MERCON automatic Transmission liquid or duel usage fluids labeled MERCON/MERCON V. After ~ July 1st, 2007, Mercon ATF will no longer be manufactured, therefore, access of this liquid will continue until staying inventory has actually been depleted.This is the recent & greatest service bulletin I"ve found concerning MERCON/MERCON V for power steering liquid replacement.