If her brake lights continue to be on even after your automobile is turn off, you might think it"s a facility electrical problem. Yet it doesn"t need to be. Examine out this guide to find out why.

This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

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You constantly count on her brake lamp to come on when you hit the brakes, yet have you ever wondered what provides them revolve off? If they remain on even after the car is rotate off, climate the deal with is little and simple. So follow this step-by-step overview to store your brake lights from remaining on as soon as the automobile is not turned on.

Materials NeededFlashlight (optional)Brake irradiate pedal stopper padA meter lengthy stick or pipeFlat head screwdriver

Step 1 – inspect the floorboard

Sometimes, as the brake light pedal stopper pad wears out, it deserve to crack and fall apart. A absent stopper pad is most most likely the factor why her brake lights remain on when the vehicle is turn off.

Check for pieces of the broken stopper pad on the floorboard of the driver"s next foot well. Express to number 2 for an example of what a damaged stopper might look like. Use a flashlight if necessary.

Figure 1. Brand-new brake pedal stopper pad.
Figure 2. Broken brake pedal stopper pad.
Figure 3. Place of an undamaged pedal stopper pad.

Step 2 – organize down the brake pedal

Slide the driver"s seat as far back as it will go. Through a meter long stick or pipe, press down on the brake pedal and hold the in place versus the chair. Girlfriend will have to keep the pedal depressed as you replace the stopper. Allude the flashlight increase to the area in ~ the dash.

Figure 4. Use a brake organize lever or stick to depress and hold the brake pedal.
Pro Tip

Your regional auto parts store should have a brake "hold lever," i beg your pardon is generally used for bleeding brakes.

Step 3 – change pedal stopper pad

Position you yourself on the floorboard, therefore you have actually a clear watch of the brake pedal assembly. At the very top the the pedal, you have to see the allude of the brake irradiate switch pointed towards a vacant hole. Use a level head driver to push against the switch. Then through the circular, flat finish of the pedal stopper pad encountering the switch, snap it right into place. Relax the brake light switch.

Release the brake pedal, and confirm the the lights carry out not continue to be on as soon as your automobile is turn off.

Figure 5. Vacant slot for the pedal stopper pad.

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Figure 6. Diagram of brake irradiate switch and also stopper pad assembly.

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