The fraction calculator will certainly add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions with prefer or unlike denominators. It will certainly also permit us to simplify fractions, convert fractions to decimals and also decimals come fractions.

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First, simply input the values a,b,c,d because that the fountain \\(\\fracab\\) and also \\(\\fraccd\\), climate the mathematical operation you wish to perform (+, -, x, /). The calculator will certainly instantly and also accurately perform the operation and also give the price in the easiest form. Friend can likewise use the calculator to inspect your work that you’ve done manually.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Like (Common) Denominators

Add or subtract the numerators and also keep the denominators the same.

Ex: \\(\\frac35 + \\frac45\\)

Since the denominator is 5 in both fractions, include 3 and also 4 to get 7. The denominator remains 5, for this reason the price is 7/5.

\\(\\frac76 – \\frac56\\)

Since the denominator is 6 in both fractions, subtract 5 from 7 to obtain 2. The fraction is then \\(\\frac26\\).

But currently we deserve to simplify \\(\\frac26\\). To simplify, look because that a typical factor. Notification that 2 divides evenly into both 2 and 6. Therefore, divide both numerator and also denominator by 2 to acquire \\(\\frac13\\). The portion is now simplified.


Unlike Denominators

To add and subtract unlike denominators, very first calculate the common denominator. The easiest means to do that is to main point the 2 denominators. This wont always give the lowest common denominator, but you deserve to simplify after including and subtracting.

Ex: \\(\\frac25 + \\frac47\\)

A typical denominator is 5(7) = 35. Due to the fact that the denominator in the an initial fraction is multiply by 7, the molecule must also be multiply by 7 to get \\(\\frac1435\\). Due to the fact that the denominator in the second portion is multiplied by 5, the numerator need to be too to get \\(\\frac2035\\).

Now add \\(\\frac1435+\\frac2035=\\frac3435\\)

Subtraction is excellent the same way, just subtract the two fractions ~ rewriting the fractions through their common denominators. If you must simplify, psychic to divide by the greatest common factor.Adding and also Subtracting fractions Video

Multiplying and also Dividing Fractions

When multiply fractions, simply multiply throughout the molecule and throughout the denominators. Then simplify. You can additionally simplify very first before multiplying.

Ex: \\(\\frac29\\times\\frac47\\)

Multiply 2 and 4 to obtain 8. Then multiply 9 and also 7 to acquire 63. The an outcome is \\(\\frac863\\). Over there is no leveling needed due to the fact that the greatest common factor is 1.

Now expect we great to divide \\(\\frac29 \\div \\frac47\\).

When dividing fractions, take the first fraction and also multiply by the mutual of the second. The reciprocal is simply interchanging the numerator and denominator. The division problem turns right into a multiplication problem.

\\(\\frac29 \\times \\frac74\\)

2 × 7 = 14 and also 9 × 4 = 36. Therefore the prize is \\(\\frac1436\\). But an alert this isn’t in most basic form. The greatest usual factor is 2, so dividing both by 2 provides the simplified answer of \\(\\frac718\\).Multiplying and also Dividing fractions Video

Converting fractions to Decimals

The convert portion to decimal calculator will take any fraction and adjust it come a decimal.

The an approach to readjust a portion to a decimal is rather simple. Simply divide the numerator by the denominator.

Change \\(\\frac1425\\) come a decimal.

Divide 14 by 25 to get 0.56. You have the right to do this top top a calculator or manually using long division. Part fractions are not as straightforward to work by hand, particularly those that room non-terminating. Those are much simpler to work on this calculator.

But if you pick to fix manually, the calculator renders a great tool come instantly examine your work.Converting fountain to decimal Video

Converting decimals to Fractions

Changing decimal to fountain is the train station of changing fractions come decimals. The calculator will do this rapidly with specific results by simply entering the decimal value.

To convert manually, take it the decimal and also convert come a totality number, then division by 10 elevated to the variety of decimal locations moved to the right to transform the number. From over there you have the right to simplify the fraction if needed.


Convert 0.68 come a fraction. To readjust 0.68 come a totality number, move the decimal suggest 2 locations ot the right to acquire 68. Because we relocated 2 decimal places, division 68 by 10 raised to the second power, i m sorry is 100.

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That gives us \\(\\frac68100\\). Currently we have the right to simplify the portion by in search of a common factor. If girlfriend don’t understand the greatest usual factor you can start by splitting by any kind of common factor. Notification 68 and also 100 room both divisible by 2. This to reduce the fraction to 34/50. From here, an alert that both 34 and also 50 space divisible by 2. This reduces come \\(\\frac1725\\), i m sorry is the streamlined answer.

You can check your hand-operated calculations making use of this calculator or simply input the info for your particular problem for almost instant, specific results!