Ever acquire confused around liters and also pint? A pint the beer or probably a liter the beer? So, what is more? A pint or a liter that beer? A united state (customary) pint of beer or UK (imperial) pint that beer? If you space wondering what is 2 pints of beer in liters or just how to measure 2 liters in united state pints, take into consideration the following.

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How plenty of pints space in an liter?

1 liter is same 2.113 united state pints.

1 liter is equal 1.76 UK (imperial) pints.

Is a pint bigger 보다 a liter?

The liter to represent the metric unit of fluid measure that equates to one cubic decimetre. A pint is a unit of volume tantamount to 1/8 that a gallon.

British pint equates to 20 fluid (imperial) ounces, while united state pint amounts to 16 liquid (customary) ounces. One united state pint equates to 0.473 liters, one UK pint equates to 0.568 l.

From the smalles come the greatest – 1 us pint, 1 UK pint, 1 liter.

How to convert 0.5 liter to us pints ?

To create the equivalent value the pints in liters, girlfriend will have to multiply the quantity in liters by 2.112. So, to transform half-liter into US pints, you will have:

0.5 liter × 2.112 = 1.056 us pints

What space 2 pints of beer in liters?

The equivalent value of 2 us pints of beer in liters is 1.14 l.

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How many cups equal one pint?

Usually, one pint equals about 2 cups. You have the right to use the adhering to information to identify the precise quantity.

Conversion table between pints, liters, ounces and cups

CupsPints Imperial (Fluid Ounces)Metric (ml & L)2 cups
0.5 cup¼ pint4 fl oz120 ml
1 cup½ pint8.1 fl oz240 ml
1 ½ cups12.1 fl oz360 ml
1 pint16.2 fl oz480 ml
4 cups2 pints (1 quart)32.4 fl oz960 ml or ~1 liter