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Right ~ I had the coolant drained and also replaced I began getting the \"Check Coolant Level\" blog post right ~ start-up every time. Ns topped off with extr coolant with no readjust to the message. Seems favor a feasible bad sensor? I have 128k mile on the old buggy, yet running fine otherwise. The temp go to and stays secure on 12 o\"clock ~ above the gage. Would certainly replacing the sensor it is in the best move - or is over there a method to disable the sensor by shorting the wires as I seen pointed out on other models. Also, is there an overflow tank - and also where is it? i haven\"t had any type of luck locating one. Thanks in advance,PhilV


No \"overflow\" tank, only the surging tank. Can\"t adjust the sensor. You\"ll have actually to change the tank. I think you can unplug the sensor from below the tank and connect the wires, yet of coarse you\"ll loosened the early on warning.
check the sensor in ~ the bottom the the surge tank, the link can get dirty...thats what occurred to my \"03 once. If the connection is ok, do what Ranger said change the tank. Go you shot clearing the code? walk it keep coming back?
same thing taken place to my 01 DTS ~ a flush/fill. Tank was full. Ran and also cleared codes and it never came back. Temp gage reads high noon also.

Maintain that surge tank at fifty percent full, cold. No higher.The rise tank is the modern-day equivalent that the airspace in the top tank of an old downflow radiator: you must carry out room because that coolant expansion and also contraction. No space and broadening coolant blows the end of the cap press relief.
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I\"ve to be clearing the code with the info Reset button on the dash daily. Ns guess I should clear them v the password reader? I\"ll have actually a look at the connector on the bottom too, and recheck the fill level. Many thanks so far...

I\"ve been clearing the code with the details Reset switch on the dash daily. I guess I should clear them through the code reader? I\"ll have a look at the connector ~ above the bottom too, and also recheck the to fill level. Thanks so far...

Sounds prefer he\"s transforming off a DIC blog post with info RESET. Probably hasn\"t check out the sticky ^^^ \"How to pull codes\" because he also refers come an aftermarket password scanner.It\"s already all built into the car...............
I\"ve to be clearing the code v the information Reset switch on the dash daily. Ns guess I need to clear them with the code reader? I\"ll have actually a look at the connector top top the bottom too, and also recheck the fill level. Thanks so far...
I think this worry has been unnecessarily complex by a ax problem.Your inspect COOLANT LEVEL is only
a \"message\". It\"s details only and also comparable to the ICE feasible message you could see. There room no \"codes\" associated with these \"messages\".
I had a comparable situation when an altering coolant - recurring check coolant code, also though it to be filled best to midlevel note when cold. I stuck a long screwdriver tower in the recovery bottle and tried come jiggle the sensor in the bottom that the tank. I additionally rapped the outside of the tank, wherein the sensor sits, through the manage of that screwdriver. One of those methods worked. YMMV. Good luck all.
Happened to my Seville as soon as I drained and replaced the antifreeze recently. Ns think as soon as the coolant sealing tabs disolve few of it collects in bottom of the cylinder that the float switch in the surging tank travel up and also down in and when you drain the system the float it s okay stuck in the gunk at the bottom of the shaft. After ~ a pair of days and also a few taps ~ above the next of the tank, the float gained freed up and also everything is fine.
Just got my brand-new coolant restore tank for my 2000 Deville native rockauto. I\"m replacing mine because of the plastic nipple occurring a hairline crack/leak where the water tap clamps onto the tank.Figured I\"d flush the system while I\"m in ~ it and refill through dexcool 50/50 through prestone.Any risk in doing that? or carry out I have to buy the ac delco brand? Also, what about the tablets? Is the still recommended because that the 2000 base model?
Prestone\"s DEX-COOL is perfect OK. Don\"t gain crazy with expanded flushing or chemicals. Just drain as lot as you deserve to (2 - 3 quarts will continue to be in the block together there are no block drains) and refill with a suitable mix that DEX-COOL and distilled water (supermarket). GM has actually pretty lot discontinued the use of the Bar\"s tablets (or the powder, G12BP), so if you had no leaks prior to you started, there\"s no factor to use them now. IF you operation clear water with the system and also then drainpipe it, mix your coolant at around 60/40 coolant come distilled water to account for the water still in the block and also elsewhere.
I have actually the same message on mine 2000 DTS. I have actually no idea just how you go about using a long screw driver to press the floating sensor down and up because a small after the spout wherein you to water the coolant in, there is a screen type filter so girlfriend can\"t press a lengthy screw driver down.Do friend stick the screw driver in side means to get to the side of the reservoir? where is the sensor plug?Is this technique possible through my model here are a few pictures?
The sensor connector is ~ above the bottom the the tank. You have to drain the system and remove the tank, and there\"s another, bigger connector hose on the bottom also.Your tank shows up overfilled. View that arrow and also \"Full Cold\" molded right into the tank height ? The arrowhead goes under to the level that the black/clear tank seam.
You might not be able to get to the float through a driver on yous. You could shot unmounting it and also give it a few vigorous shakes. IF it is stuck, that may do the trick.
Ok i unscrewed the reservoir and shook that pretty fine & cleaned the sensor at the bottom through no luck.Where is the cheapest & many reliable place I deserve to buy a brand-new reservoir because $79.00 is the ideal I\"ve uncovered & that\"s nice high? Where should it be topped off at when cold, in ~ the heat of black wherein it meets clear on the next or their two various other notches on the next in clear?
Ok i unscrewed the reservoir and shook the pretty fine & cleaned the sensor at the bottom v no luck.Where is the cheapest & most reliable ar I deserve to buy a brand-new reservoir since $79.00 is the finest I\"ve discovered & that\"s nice high? Where must it it is in topped turn off at as soon as cold, in ~ the line of black wherein it meets clean on the next or your two various other notches ~ above the side in clear?
Its the 2nd one, whereby you\"re pointing at the clear part of the tank..approx. Half way down the tank. That\"s whereby it should read in ~ cold.

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I think dealer price for that tank is practically twice the price. Girlfriend might also surf Amazon because that the tank - I just picked up one (level sensor included) for my Seville for $67 shipped.Where does the molded arrow point lie - the one ~ above the black component of the tank 6\" from your left knuckle........? (move the purge line the end of the way)
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