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For my first post, I want to dough over a write-up I go in an additional forum together I think it might augment previous short articles and aid the DIY"er gain a far better understanding of the Heater core replacement for the Blazer.Well, ns went and pulled the dash out and also replaced the heater core. What ns hoped would be a 5 hour job turned into a 17 hour marathon the screws harnesses and vinyl.I did learn quite a few things if the dash was out and also these things might or may not assist anyone feather to perform the dreaded heater core replacement on their blazers.I execute feel the I need to warn you. Over there is a an excellent chance the your blazer may be a bit an ext different than the blazers mentioned in this forum or elsewhere as I have actually learned, the more options space in the blazer the an ext harnesses/panels/obstacles you may have actually to complete with when your pulling the dash out. I had auto climate on mine and also that might or might not do a difference. I have actually a 2000 blazer LT with tape deck in facility console. I might not because that the life that me number out just how to take out the damned thing and also opted to work-related without acquisition it out. Ns did not eliminate the seats.I likewise did not have to drop the steering tower as others have argued though there were some brackets with four 10 mm bolts linked the dash to the chassis under the steering pillar that need to be bring away out and the 2 10 mm bolts under the dash behind the panels: one on each side of the dash assembly (one is accessed behind the gloves box on appropriate side). There are additionally a few 7mm screws to remove on the dash under the speaker panels and defroster panel. I eliminated my radio and ac/heat manage unit come give more room to reach right into the dash and also survey things. You may not need to do that. Some have taken the dash out and disconnected it then. I additionally disconnected the odometer/instrument panel together the dash will certainly come out less complicated over the steering wheel.The panels at the bottom aren"t too tough to traction out. Simply keep checking for screws means back over there under the dash if you feel you have actually them all and it still isn"t comes off. Girlfriend will have actually alot of panel screws. I preserved the screws for each panel v that panel so as to keep track.Once the dash is loose, you have the right to start spring to watch what electric harnesses you have to remove. The main harness under the blower motor vent behind the glove compartment was disconnected through loosening the 7 mm nut and also pulling the 2 blue locking secrets out and then wiggling that free. You may likewise have to unscrew the fuse associated on the driver side and the computer OBD-2 connector on one of the panels under the steering wheel.With everything disconnected, friend should be able to pull the dash out. Keep an eye on the driver side as the dash may take the end your danger switch together it swings free of the railing (ask how I know). Now, some have said that there space 2 10mm bolts to remove behind the passenger next fender and also recommend dropping the fendor just sufficient to get to it. Feather back, ns couldn"t watch a reason to and in hindsight i may have actually wasted time doing that. If the heater assembly won"t come out and also everything rather is loosened feel cost-free to do that.Instead, shot to just acquire the 2 screws on the engine next firewall through the heater core connector (one ~ above the right and one on the left/bottom area besides the evaporator cover) and the bolt in the evaporator by cutting and also using a ratchet wrench. Store in mind that there is additionally another 10mm bolt top top the cabin side of the firewall under the heater assembly that demands to come out.Now right here is the part I couldn"t discover info on and had come wing it. There space two tabs - one on each side that the 10 mm bolt cabin-side firewall under the heater assembly. It seems the bolts deserve to be wrenched loose on the engine next of the fire wall....I never uncovered them. Instead, i tore those bastards loose. Don"t carry out what ns did. Use a dremel together you may have actually a hell of a time acquiring the heater assembly ago in heat to get the bolts back in and also torn tabs make it all the much more harder. That taken place to me and must have added a good 2 an ext hours trying various ways to obtain that damned bolt to thread reason the tabs were in the means and would certainly seat best as would a strait rotory reduced would have.With everything loose you should be able to pull out the heater assembly by disconnecting a few choice vacuum lines and also some more connectors. The cooling heat connectors top top the new heater core will have actually some beat so you can acquire it in over there correctly. Make certain that you hook the 2 vent spring connectors going right into the carpet before thinking the heater assembly is working your nerves. Because that some factor the heater assembly connects come the floor vents i beg your pardon in turn attach to mounts under the carpet.Now simply reverse what girlfriend did. Some points to save in mind.-The rear wiper/gate open up switch cable can and will get caught when you put the dash earlier in. Keep it loose.-There is a connector for the actuator engine on height the heater assembly versus the firewall. Connect that prior to you bolt in the dash. Ns had tiny fingers and finagled the in by luck and also prayer.-Make sure you attach your courtesy lights because that floor lighting earlier to the panels you took them turn off of.-Your passenger side door sensor may or might not have actually a wire. Shot to view if that does before you get started so you don"t worry around it and also take the dash apart again do the efforts to find it before giving up wondering if it also existed.-You will need a friend to help put the heater assembly earlier on the firewall to acquire all the bolts come thread. Girlfriend will likewise need some dexterity to put that one bolt in the evaporator housing earlier in. Once you have everything ago together again hook up your cooler lines to the heater core and also open up the radiator cap/reservoir cap. Revolve on the engine and make sure you gain all the air the end of your cooling lines. The automatically Climate regulate may have to relearn temp parameters or at least it seemed to the first few drive cycles.Remember, this was for a 2000 blazer LT 2WD through all sorts of options installed. It may differ just a tiny from her setup or it might be totally different. Either method I hope all this information I learned and also have transferred to this write-up will aid any who doesn"t want to pay money to acquire it done.

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Unfortunately, i didn"t take any pics. Ns seriously think I developed a few more cuss words end the food of the repair, but it feels great to have actually heat because that the cold season as well as pride in having no screws left when it to be finished!