I just got done act mine and set it in ~ .041 and the just reason ns did it favor that is since I expect it might make my spark plugs last a tiny longer i asked in mechanic and he told me like all over between point . 038 to. 042 would certainly still be fine I simply recently bought the car and also I decided to readjust the spark plug wires and spark plugs into the spark plugs or so provided I measured it and also it is in ~ .08 so for all I recognize want to cylinders may not have been biring I perform go then provement now that I"ve adjusted it and also I gained a good deal top top it to $300 if it take it a turd top top me this particular day I have the right to scrap it because that 350 the male that I obtained said he would rather have it walk to someone who really needs it even if it meant losing 50 bucks he would quite see it on the road, rather see that on the road he walk not understand yet however I to be going to bring him the other 50 that he thought he shed it"s only right yet the motor and also tranny run fine I"m yes, really happy I obtained it for that the price I median in the automobile cuz that dumped top top me this day I deserve to take it to the scrap yard and get mine money back I"m going come invest in between $300 in $400 into that Cavalier and it might do me a couple years if ns do regular maintenance ~ above it maybe longer and will give me time to conserve up about 10 grand the to walk in to a brand-new car dealership in to buy the car it"s 12. $14,000 you to speak hey I have 10 cool cash top top me let"s talk I"m thinking about getting a hybrid i figured just how to resolve the batteries on those hybrids they have actually a whole lot of cell on the battery you go through inspect each one of those sales much more than likely one that those sales are negative you deserve to go come the AutoZone bespeak one 30 bucks and a lot of money rather of acquisition it come the dealership I"m having actually them good for one outrageous price since you"re just offering you know a new battery more than i or they are just an altering out the cell and also totally take it you off as soon as my cousins battery went poor on the hybrid I said let me execute an experiment on her battery sure sufficient one of the cell are poor went to AutoZone castle ordered a new one because that us change the negative one and she assumed she was obtaining ready to pay the dealership $2,500 every she had actually to do is buy the cell 2 screws take the old cell and also switch it out through the brand-new one and what"s odd around that story is that i don"t recognize much about mechanics but do know quite a bit around batteries I should go and put in an advertisement offering the deal with in between 800 dollars and $1,200 the would save them in between 2000 + $5,000 in some cases good for both of united state sorry guys I get to rambling sometimes get off the topic I"m done have actually a good day yet if any type of of you have actually hybrid cars use a battery checker on each and you will discover your trouble