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I have a 2000 Chevy S10 2.2L Flex Fuel MPFI Stalling, and also Rough Idle led me to check my fuel pressure....I am unable to uncover the fuel press regulator, walk this model have one?As far as I can see that doesn"t.​
Following the fuel lines from the gas tank that goes to the fuel filter come the Flex Fuel Sensor climate to the fuel rail.I have seen that other models have the regulator on or near the fuel rail. However mine is blank.
W/ Fuel pressure Tester attached come the schrader valve at the behind of the fuel rail (near Firewall) I acquire a reading of 10 p.s.i. W/ vital set come on position.W/ engine running I get a analysis of 18 p.s.i. turning the key off fuel push drops instantaneously ago to 0 p.s.i. throughout both tests.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Does this model not have a Fuel press Regulator?
walk the Flex Fuel Sensor carry out anything besides sense what kind of fuel is being ran? walk the Fuel Filter act together the Fuel press Regulator?
Any assist Or insight Would be Appreciated&please let me understand if you require anymore information-Thanks

The FPR because that the flex models is in the fuel filter. It is no serviceable by itself. You need to just adjust the fuel filter.

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Okay. Give thanks to you
because that confirming my suspicions. I have actually just recently adjusted my fuel filter v a Pronto # PF5501 FLEX.Now I"m wondering if this might be related to the fuel filter that was put in.If not then it looks prefer the Fuel Pump is the culprit.Any an excellent ideas because that splicing mine Fuel push Gauge into the fuel line whereby the filter hooks up?
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