changing thespark plugs on a 2000 Ford F150 v a 5.4L engine is a difficult job, an especially on thedriver’s side of the engine. This post will cover some dis-assembly and also other aidsto performing this maintenance task. Additionally discussed at the end is a stubbornly grounding boot that was encounteredduring the job. The repair Basics Safety: gloves.Tools: 7mm 1/4" drive socket, 5/8" spark plug wrench, 7 mm wrench, extension bars, ratchets, gapping tool, small vacuum cleaner and vinly tubing, optional: a claw-type grabber tool, vice grip pliers and peg hook, a 40" long board. Parts and also materials: 8 spark plugs (Autolite AP103 or equivalent), dielectric greaseCost that materials: Plugs $21 Shop labor expense for the job: $60Home mechanic estimated time: 2-3 hours

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1) Unplug the fuel injector close to the plug gift replaced.The connector is in the means of the coil hold down bolt.
2) Unplug the coil pack. This will allow for the twisting sometimesneeded to rest the boot complimentary of the plug.
4) Vacuum the end the plug well. I take into consideration this a necessarypractice to prevent debris native falling right into the head. It might be much better toattach a item of close-fitting vinyl tube to her hand vac.
5) eliminate the plug through a 5/8” spark plug socket. I offered a3/8” spark plug socket, a 3/8 to ½” socket adaptor, a 6” long ½” extension barand a ½” ratchet. Always make very tiny turns at an initial on this plugs come avoidover-stressing them. Breaking turn off a plug might turn a an overwhelming job into a disaster.
Autolite platinum AP103

7) placed some oil or anti-sieze compound on thethreads and hand start the treads. The is likewise a good practice come coat theinside of the boot and also the ceramic component of the plug v dielectric grease. Finishwith a ratchet and torque come 20-25 ft lbs.
1) it is much easier on this back plug to position yourself on peak of the engine to betterreach it. I placed a 4 foot lengthy by 20 inch vast board across the batteryand the plastic molding over the radiator. Climate while on my stomach i was ableto far better reach the coil and plug.
Assume the position to get this task done!

3) Unplug the fuelinjector. Due to extremely near quarters, I could not unplug the coil packwithout some help. I supplied a vice grip through a peg hook clamped ~ above it. Ns then depressedthe connector release on the ago with the peg hook, if pulling increase on theconnector v my other hand.
I had actually to get an imaginative to gain the behind coil unplugged

4) eliminate the spark plug through a six inch long expansion barand fifty percent inch socket. The remainder of the procedure is no different from theearlier coils and also plugs.
Make small radius transforms to protect against snapping turn off the plug

The challenge on this next is due to poor access blocked by thepower steering reservoir and also bracket as well as a large wire harness and also manyvacuum, gas and also exhaust lines. I will comment on each plug consequently from frontto back.
2) Unbolt the triangular strength steering clip (three 8mmbolts) and swing it off to the side. The front- many coil is now perfectly visibleand reachable v a 7mm deep well socket and also ¼” ratchet. Fifteen inches worth of extensions are neededto obtain the ratchet above the waiting intake ducting.

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Swing this bracket out of the means to even see the very first plug