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Ford Freestar Fuel Pump Inertia switch Reset location – The Ford Freestar is a van manufactured by the Ford Motor agency from respectable 2003 come November 2006. It replaced the Windstar. The name readjust was constant with the Ford strategy of providing all models type names start with F. The Freestar and also it’s sister version Mercury Monterey was built in Oakville, Ontario.

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The Freestar can accommodate up to 7 passengers and had a conventional four-speed, electronically controlled automatic transmission. There were 5 trim levels: straightforward (no name), SE, Sport, SEL, and Limited. The smaller engine was standard tools in the US, the bigger one was the only obtainable in Canada.


Time needed: 7 minutes.The fuel pump shut-off (inertia) move is a device that stops the fuel pump of the fuel distribution to the engine. If your engine cranks however does no start, this switch may have actually been activated. Here’s just how to find and also reset the switch:

On the Ford Freestar, the fuel pump shut-off move is situated behind the business panel top top the right side the the cargo area. May you must remove the lower scuff plate to accessibility the switch.

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Alberto Rivera says:
Where is the switch. You did not say wherein I can uncover it. Ns am no a me Janice. Whereby is the fuel pump

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