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Recently picked up a 2000 Ford Windstar, and also there is a minor problem with the strength sliding doors. The driver side door works great, opening and also closing. The passenger next door, however, is able to close chin if currently opened yet will not open up from the closed position. You deserve to hear/see it pull the latch and also begin to shot to open, yet it at some point fails to relocate the door an ext than about a centimeter (like as soon as you nearby a door yet don"t latch the completely). Does anyone understand the cause or deal with for this? ns haven"t to be able come find any type of documentation on exactly how to access the motor the pulls the door so the I deserve to attempt to business it. Say thanks to you in breakthrough for any and also all help.
Hey there Dhowdy,Will that appropriate Hand strength Sliding Door open up manually?I have attached Ford"s TSB04-2-3 strength Sliding Door Operation and Diagnostic company Tips for her reference.Hope this helps.

Great information!I duplicated this come the windstar section, marked it reference, and also will lock that there.The orignial thread in electrical and also lighting I will certainly leave open up for discussion.

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My grandkids call me Poppy!Caveat Emptor, I"m no a mechanic, I simply play do believe, here. Consider any and all of my suggestions with that in mind.
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