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Owner the a 2008 Honda CRV EX having actually 76k. Since the acquisition the automobile had most ups and downs on mileage fronts. At first this vehicle noted on a avg 24-25 mpg for continual gas. Live in CT area and also use mobil or covering 87 grade. Newly when the automobile touched 70k, decided to execute the company myself. It had actually OEM denso spark plugs and also was suggested to purchase NGK iridium plugs because that it. The was pointed out its pre gapped to factory standards. Replaced the plugs, waiting filter and also did a throttle body and MAF sensor. Instantly the mpg freaking dropped choose hell. That dropped to roughly 17-19 mpg. That was yes, really frustrating in its entirety tank the gas noted me roughly 250 to 260 miles. Visited stores and got the original OEM dense plugs and replaced it v NGK, however even then no luck. Burnt around 6-8 tanks of gas, yet no improvement. I was yes, really frustrated and got all the fluids checked and also replaced, yet no luck. Ultimately I determined to take it it garage to obtain the ECM module reset. The whole reset task costed me $250 and when checked the plugs were clean. Burnt roughly 2-3 tanks of gas yet no luck. No human or computer detailed information on any issues with the vehicle. This was yes, really frustrating.Finally was reading through some articles and also some experienced had mentioned that plug which comes pre gapped to manufacturing facility settings sometimes can not it is in correct. Honda recommends for CRV having plug gaps come 0.4 come 0.44mm. The plugs I got was 0.42mm. That had additionally mentioned the close space reduces mileage and readjusting to larger space sometimes have actually improved purpose of use in few vehicles. Taking this a hunch i regapped the plugs come 0.45mm. Walk a manual reset that the ECM by disconnecting the battery terminals and shorting the wires come clear any charge retained. Reinstalled the plugs and also connected everything. Began the vehicle and let it idle to relearn everything for 15-20 mins. After ~ warming up shut the car to save the learned parameters and also then started again to take it a test drive. Impressive thing to be the automobile was yes, really really smooth and was gliding. It was fairly surprising and filled the automobile with a totality tank that gas. It started averaging come 24-25 mpg again and also freaking drive is smooth like hell. Ns am yes, really awestruck how every one of a suddenly this distinction is make to increase the mileage when it is regapped to 0.45mm. Periodically it also gives me 26mpg. Can someone who is expert help me price this an enig when no computer system or skilled mechanics were able come find any kind of issues prior to on the mpg mystery. Jeez currently constantly ns am obtaining avg 25 mpg. Yes!! its strange yet yet true.

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