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Hi, I"m about to execute a infection fluid and filter change.... 2000 Elantra sedan, auto transmission... I"m simply going come drop the pan and change the filter. Ns assume some liquid is walking to remain in the system. Just how much SP-III will I have to top the up when I put the new filter in and also pan earlier in place? Dealer says 4 litres normally yet the stuff is costly so I desire to ask because that a second opinion! thanks for any kind of replies.
easiest means if buy more than what"s needed, then return whats no used.But the best an approach to know just how much you require it come measure exactly how much you take out of it

I did this transmission oil and filter adjust today. What a difference.180,000 kilometer on the carBefore- infectious diseases world fashion oil was dirty. Didn"t smell charred but couldn"t have been readjusted in a lengthy time. It change funny after ~ driving it for a couple hours.... Seemed to stick in 2nd gear. Shifted tough with a bang into gear sometimes too. After- Shifts really smooth also after control in city warm all day. Not one shifting issue. Fluid is clear.I didn"t want an auto trans because that the work-related beater, because they have the right to go anytime and also the expense of rebuild is stupid, however the price to be right. I"m glad it"s working better. The price of the change was definitely worth it.$46.00 because that 4 litres SPIII indigenous dealer$26.00 for Trans oil filter through gasket from Napaa little of RTV sealantplus taxesnow on come the following issue...

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I referred to as around and also even thought about Napa"s option of oil that claims compatible v SPIII because of the price... Reading threads here encouraged me nothing yet the right oil if I wanted it to work-related right. I must have read every transmission related thread in this sub-forum end the last few days. LolYou"d it is in even much more outraged to uncover out the there is 15% sales taxes on the 46 bux. ... Nova Scotia.So this car... It has actually a safety inspection for another 13 months. I"ve to be under it a pair times, it"s solid sufficient for a auto that lived 12 year of our salty winters. The A/C is ice cream friggin cold. Cruise works well. Engine doesn"t exhilaration or tick. I"m into it for a supplied alternator, 50$ pro-rated warranty price on a brand-new battery, and today"s cost of the trans oil/filter change.I"m looking at a former wheel bearing, behind brakes that I understand of. I filled it through gas yesterday for the first time and about 5 litres walk on the ground.... Tank or fill hose or evap canister or or... Dunno.I think if the trans is functioning ok, I"m not going come mess v it any kind of more! haha. I simply need that to work for an additional 13 months and also then I will find an additional beater etc. I would follow your advice if i was planning on maintaining the automobile going because that a while. I do appreciate her replies though.