Anti-lock brakes are among the best safety features on your Jeep. Using it can gain your Jeep stopped quicker than humanly possible. If friend remember protecting against cars before the ABS, you remember just how long and also scary it can be as you pump the brakes and also hope. The ABS (anti-lock brake system) applies and releases the brakes that room on certain ground till the car is under control. The ABS light being on method the system has actually detected an worry that requirements attention. You deserve to fix most concerns yourself and save part cash.

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Figure 1. ABS light.

Step 1 – examine fuses and also wiring

A blown fuse or negative wire is simple.

A puffy ABS pump fuse is the most basic fix. Examine to be sure there room no swollen fuses and replace castle if there are. To inspect for blown fuses, traction the fuse that could be the offending unit and also visually check inside the the it; a blown fuse will have actually the wiring inside of it break-up in two pieces. Examine the wiring in ~ the pump come make certain it runs to the wheel sensors, and repair any kind of that watch bad. This is another easy resolve that is basically free.

Figure 2. Fuse panel.

Step 2 – inspect for ABS problem codes

The stored password from the ABS computer system can tell girlfriend the issue.

The ABS system is controlled by the Body regulate Module (BCM). The data connect connector because that the BCM is behind the dash, under the carpet. The local auto supply will certainly not it is in able to access the BCM with the leader they have. Either a dealer or a large independent shop can. Any type of code save on computer will get you close to the problem. An example is password 32, i m sorry points to the rear speed sensor circuit. Currently you can inspect the wiring from the ABS module to the behind wheel sensor again. Be sure to check all connectors for an excellent contact.

Step 3 – check wheel speed sensors

Speed sensors administer data to the ABS controller.

The wheel sensor counts how rapid each wheel is turning and send all rate data ago to the control module. The wheel sensor is an electronic component that can go bad, especially with the hard environment it resides in. The sensor can acquire dirty, specifically if you space off road, so that may simply need to it is in cleaned out. The other component of the sensor is the ton ring, i m sorry is metal and also really can\"t walk bad.

Figure 3. Speed sensor (1) and tone ring (2).

Step 4 – inspect ABS manage module

A negative module will certainly trip the ABS light.

Of food a negative controller will expedition the light together it should. A rebuilt one native the auto supply will run around $100. It is a common issue v Cherokees and also will set a trouble code.

Figure 4. ABS regulate module.
Pro Tip

Some civilization repair the module themselves, yet that is an progressed level repair. It\"s often simpler in the finish just to replace it.

Step 5 – examine the ABS pump

The ABS pump renders the device work.

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It is inexplicable for the pump to walk bad; although, some (for specific years) were connected in a recall. Examine to watch if your Cherokee to be included. They room not cheap; a supplied one is around $100, while a new one $400.