Oldsmobile Intrigue owners have actually reported 25problems related to turn signal (under the exterior light category).The many recently reported problems are detailed below.Also please inspect out thestatistics and also reliability analysis of Oldsmobile Intrigue based on all troubles reported for the Intrigue.

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The electrical connection within my turn signals is erratic. One moment the turn signal works, the next minute it doesn"t. This makes for a complicated commute. There is a current safety remind pertaining to vehicles make by gm during the time that my auto was built but my automobile isn"t extended under the recall, regardless of the fact that the auto is experiencing from the same troubles as the gm vehicles contained in the security recall. The recall claims that there to be faulty soddering at error in the instance of the electric issues. . Check out more... Check out all problems of the 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue🔎.

The call owns a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. The call stated the while steering 70 mph, the sunroof detached damaging the sunlight roof frame and also vehicle. The sunroof to be closed at the moment of the failure. The vehicle was required to a dealer. The technician diagnosed that the laminated material had deteriorated bring about the failure. The vehicle had no been repaired. In addition, the call stated the transforming signal lights failed come illuminate intermittently and in order for the lamp to resume normal duty the dangers light had actually to it is in illuminated. The approximate fail mileage to be 290,000. View all difficulties of the 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue🔎.

The rotate signal lamp and also socket had to change 3 time on passengers side and once on chauffeurs side. The socket end heats and melts so the revolve signal does not work and the irradiate on the dash plank flashes quick . That is a ~ above going problem . I changed the socket pig tails at 45. 00 each. See all troubles of the 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue🔎.

Driving all over day or night at any given speed, radio goes in and out, rotate signal work on and also off at arbitrarily moments, headlights will certainly dim because that no reason, internal dash lamp dim because that no reason. Also will sometimes cause vehicle to stall because that no reason. Have been pulled end by regulation enforcement numerous times and also warned around not using turn signals when I did, but vehicle has never worked properly. I notify them of the complaints I have repeatedly made come gm to resolve and also have been repetitively ignored by gm. I typically am allow off through warning. There room thousands of complaints online about this really issue and yet nothing has actually been excellent to fix it. The is a security hazard and eventually will cause an accident due to gm not taking duty for their defects. It additionally affects exterior lighting. Cook seats button goes in and out with these exact same problems and air bags perform not occupational at all.

The contact owns a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue. The contact noticed the the rotate signal suddenly stopped working. Before the failure, that noticed that the signal would prevent working occasionally. However, the failure is currently more persistent. The car has no been diagnosed through the dealer. The current mileage to be 66,116 and also failure mileage was 65,000.

My left and also right rotate signals malfunction. Castle work sometimes intermittently and also then complete failure.

I very own a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue and also I am experiencing a familiar problem with my turn signals as described in NHTSA action number ea02037. I have investigated this problem via Oldsmobile owner court on the internet and have seen other owners that the Intrigue having actually the same problem. I am interested to recognize why gm didn"t problem a recall to repair/replace this electrical troubles on this vehicles and the ones detailed on the NHTSA activity number?.

Turn signal fail on a daily basis. Ns drive on a highway 80 miles a day. The revolve signals might blink rapidly, normally, or not job-related at all. This can all take place within a few miles. However, when I took them come a repair shop, they might not duplicate the problem. This has been walk on because that over a year. Ns have additionally had to replace the waiting pump the pumps air into the emissions mechanism twice, and also it is still having actually problems. The auto runs fine, however the engine irradiate is on all the time. I additionally have the difficulty with the dimming lamp which is brought about by the waiting pump convert on and off.

Turn signals space intermittent. Sometimes they execute not flash once the revolve signal move is activated. This applies to both left and also right. This wake up randomly on various days, not simply the single date ns was required to enter. View all troubles of the 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue🔎.

For the critical 2 year I have actually driven the automobile the turn signals will certainly not work-related properly. Part times they will flash rapidly favor I have to replace a bulb. However, an ext and much more they just don"t job-related at all. They will work many of the time once I very first turn ~ above the car in the morning, after that it is struggle or miss. They usage to work more often than not, and also now lock work much less than they don"t. I have actually taken it for service and also found nothing wrong. I have cleaned/replaced the fuse (no. 8) in the engine compartment and also cleaned the terminal. I have replaced every bulb. I had a "99 olds delta 88 the did the same thing prior to I traded it. This is very dangerous, especially if turning in front of one more car at a stop sign. I need to use hand signals and also many younger chauffeurs have no idea what lock mean. This is a household owned vehicle. I purchased the from my mommy after driving the for around a year. She purchased it new from the dealership.

My rack and also pinion went out on car. Ns was driving and suddenly can not make a left turn. Additionally my lights on my dash board come and also go and my rotate signals works when they desire to. My head lights dim on and also off in ~ night .

VIN 1g3wh52h91f236616: turn signals carry out not occupational all the time; intermittent failure. The will fail to work, then start working again a quick time later, be great for a main or two, climate fail again w/out warning. Dangerous as you have the right to imagine.

Blinker/hazard lights not working. The danger switch buzzes as soon as the turn indicator lever is activated. Rotate signals work around 30% of the time.

The ideal front revolve signal/running lights repeatedly went the end without warning. This was as result of the very same defect described in recall 04v547000 for the drl rotate signal bulb replacement, yet this make/ model was not consisted of in the recall. View all troubles of the 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue🔎.

Intermittently when driving at any speed revolve signal and hazard lamp did not job-related properly. The problem has arisen six times in the last four months.

The danger switch on mine 2001 olds Intrigue will not work-related all the time, and also the turn signals job-related intermittently. These troubles sometime take place simultaneously and make day-to-day driving unsafe.

3 problems. Ns think they room all electrically related. First, is one that has been provided on this site about the inner lights and headlamps dimming sometimes for long periods the time. Second is the ideal front blinker doesn"t always blink when signaling, it simply stays on. At least the internal turn signal blinks quick to indicate that a problem exists. Lastly, the engine has actually "misfired" on several occasions now bring about the company engine soon light to come on. Now, this trouble was "fixed" in ~ the ar I purchase the vehicle. A crankshaft position sensor was replaced. Because that 2 months this trouble didn"t occur. Now it occurs more and much more frequently.

I own a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue and also the turn signal lights occupational intermittently or no at all. The mechanic couldn"t find anything wrong with the lights as soon as the car was placed on the computer. According to consumer reports, that looks favor the same problem occured in the 2000-2001 Oldsmobile alero. The only method I can gain the turn signal lights to job-related again is by pressing the risk warning move twice. Sometimes this will make the rotate signal lights work for a couple of minutes or up to a couple of weeks. What deserve to I carry out from here?.

The risk switch on my 2001 olds Intrigue will certainly not work-related all the time,and the revolve signals occupational on a off and on basis,just prefer the current recall that the 2001aleros,grand ams,and others.

Engine and everything electrical stops instantly. Every little thing shuts off. Throughout restart the auto cranks longer (5-6 seconds) before beginning and misses because that 3-4 seconds. Then runs solid as if nothing happened. Part times revolve signals will avoid working after a restart and also other times the revolve signals will avoid working even if it is the automobile stalled or not. At higher speeds (45mph +) the vehicle will generally shut off yet instantly come back on.

Turn signal malfunction - my auto turn signal perform not work-related either. The dealership go not know what the problem was and also wanted to discover the electrical system .

The pan for the heat and also air conditioning keeps failing come work, the front rotate signal one of two people burns the end in 4 work or won"t work-related at all even with professionally installed all new bulbs. The engine keeps running also when I remove the an essential from the ignition.

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Steering rack has a clunking sound once when very first moving automobile & turning the steering wheel add to is hard to turn. Parking lamp socket failed bring about bulb come melt & fuse melted plastic within of socket, which will certainly not permit a replacement bulb to it is in replaced, bulb stops working to light up for turn signals. Air conditioning is poor at best, will not cool car down.