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Where top top the cycle is the relay? I know them by location however not through relay number. Fuel pump relay is fuel pump only iirc though.
the relay is located in the best side cover beside the flasher relay. Web page 7-13 of service manual they contact it a unit relay (diode)

Fat Jay, ns don"t get any type of continuity through the skyblue and blue yellow on the ignition check portion of the company manual but on the fuel pump inspect out the is good. Im no that good with elect diagrams sorry as soon as it pertains to electrics i m completely lost. I have actually checked the whole ignition mechanism out and this is the only component that doesn"t inspect out.
If the fuel pump comes on for 4-6 seconds once you turn the key, climate shuts off till the bicycle starts, no relay or pump are the problem.If the fuel pump does not come on, disconnect the fuel pump"s plug alongside the pump, pole a test light right into the plug the is not linked to the pump. If it lights up when you revolve the key, the pump is the problem. If not, the relay or fuse is the problem. Fuse crate is under the left next cover. If the fuse is ok, the relay is bad.

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Im reasoning the relay is badchecked the skies blue and blue yellow cable no continuity, then watched the fuel pump part of the relay is working and part is not. So ns ordered the relay and also waiting for it to come in. Fat Jay I appreciate you help. I will certainly follow up once the brand-new relay gets below I also ordered the inline diode just to make sure. I can not find it on the components list however after analysis some article on roadway star clinic I uncovered it on the 2004 road star. Imagine Yamaha forgot to put it top top the 99-03 models. Ns even referred to as Yamaha in Georgia they claimed to walk to Radio Shack imagine that! many thanks again for her help! Dee
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