I to be going to carry out it this weekend, but I don't think i will have the filter by Saturday. Can constantly hope though..


Amsoil insurance claims the Initial to fill on the 4L80E is 7.7 quarts and the full fill is 14.0 quarts. If you have actually the extra cooler it might be a little more. I am about to do mine but have no done it however so I execute not understand for certain how lot it will take. I think the GM spec is 14 quarts or so.


The volume for the 4L80E more than likely varies by year, too. I my HELM shop manual, extending my 1993 Suburban, the calls for 10.5-11 following a complete tranny rebuild. But then you also have to incorporate fluid because that the lines and also any aux cooler. Perform the newer ones have actually a deeper pan?


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Torque Converter and lines and also cooler(s) hold around 6 to 7 quarts that fluid. The pan and also the fluid that drains once you pull the plug or remove it organize 7 to 8 quarts the fluid. This renders a complete capacity that 14 to 15 quarts of liquid for a complete flush.

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Torque Converter and also lines and also cooler(s) hold about 6 come 7 quarts of fluid. The pan and the liquid that drains once you traction the plug or eliminate it hold 7 to 8 quarts the fluid. This provides a total capacity the 14 come 15 quarts of liquid for a finish flush.





How carry out you totally drain that all, indigenous the torque conv too?


You have the right to safely replace all of the liquid in the trans v the following method (it might require a helper):


Pull the pan and clean it. Readjust the filter, replace the pan utilizing a brand-new gasket) and also fill with the ideal ATF because that your vehicle (preferably synthetic). Don't begin the engine.


Take turn off the return trans cooler line the goes to the radiator. Clamp a 3' item of 3/8" hose to that line and also put the other finish into a clear 2L soft drink party that is pre-marked in ~ the 1qt level.


Have a helper begin the engine and let that idle until 1qt of old ATF is pumped right into the party (approx 10-seconds), then revolve off the engine. Include 1qt the ATF to the trans and dump the ATF that is in the bottle. Repeat this procedure about 5-8 an ext times or until the ATF going right into the bottle changes color come the brand-new ATF color.

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This procedure will replace the 5-8 qts of liquid that are in the talk converter without having to usage a power flush machine.


*****NOTE....... If girlfriend don't recognize which the the 2-lines to the radiator is the return line, begin the engine (cold) and also let it idle for ~10 minutes. Feeling the 2 lines. One will be hotter 보다 the other. The hot one is the return heat from the trans come the radiator. That's the one that you want to use.