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My daughter has a 2001 Dakota. Yesterday her brake light and ABS light come on. The pedal appears to it is in going down further than it should. I confirm the brake fluid, it was fine and also I couldn"t find any leaks. Any ideas wherein to begin now?Thanks

My daughter has a 2001 Dakota. Yesterday her brake light and ABS light come on. The pedal appears to it is in going down further than it should. I confirm the brake fluid, it to be fine and I couldn"t find any leaks. Any type of ideas where to begin now?Thanks

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If the brake and ABS lights space both on, you have actually a tiny leak somewhere inthe brake line. I had actually that symptom prior to mine break-up on me..twice..onceon a down ramp off the expressway, the pedal went down virtually to thefloor and the brake/abs light came on. The fluid in the master cylinderreservoir dumped out. I controlled to crawl into a next street garage infirst gear with NO brake pedal pressure left. The master cylinder reservoiremptied out as soon as that happened. I was surprised the this might happen.Had to replace the prior to behind brake line and the lines over the axle andthe rubber hose over the axle and the two wheel cylinder. Itwas a i have lot of money repair!This year I began to get a short brake pedal and in April, among thefront currently split and dumped the end the fluid. Had to replace the prior steelbrake lines and also the rubber hoses to each caliper. One more costly brakejob due to the fact that I determined tor change the understand cylinder together well. Brake fluid absorbs humidity from condensation in ~ the lines. The brakelines rot the end from in ~ or from the outside, friend can"t tell once thathappens. A defective master cylinder can reason a short pedal, but usually aftera couple of pumps, the pedal height is back. If you have actually a lowpedal and also both the brake and also abs irradiate is on..1. Proportioning valve next to the understand cylinder is detecting short pressurein one of two people the 2 front present or the behind line and actuating the BRAKE LIGHT2. In ~ the exact same time, the abs controller it s okay a signal indigenous the PCM that thereis a brake problem (usually the behind lines) but you have the right to have a abs lighton by itself simply from the VSS sensor in the differential being bad...BUT no BOTH...if BOTH the ABS and Brake light is of the linesafter the proportioning valve has a slow-moving leak, or losing enough line pressureto activate the BRAKE light SWITCH ~ above the proportioning valve.DO NOT disregard THIS SYMPTOM!..there is a leak somewhere. Have actually the braking mechanism checked out by a standard brake professional or mechanic...because it will fail when she access time the brake pedal at some point!WARNING TO all DAKOTA OWNERS!The understand cylinder reservoir supplied on the Dakota is not a true isolateddual braking system. IF A heat RUPTURES, in ~ the most you have abouttwo applications of the brake pedal prior to ALL THE liquid IN THE RESERVOIRIS LOST and air can acquire into the other brake lines!READ my STORY about MY BRAKE difficulties EXPERIENCED ON my 1998 DAKOTAIN 2011 and 2012, in this forum. Right here is the attach to my suffer with a lowbrake pedal. The is under second generation Dakota 1997-2004 ; Wheels, Tires and Brakes"
and title "Dakota braking system.well this sucks! " part 1: behind line blew out on me and part 2: former line blew out ~ above me a couple of months later. Http:// have to be a class activity law suit versus Chryslerfor placing owners at danger for not using stainless steel brake lines!)