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I have actually a dodge intrepid acquired it a few months back and it drove perfect, last week ns noticed while I\"m driving that doesn\"t seem to want to transition into 2nd ( auto) . My rpm goes means up if i drive much faster than 25mph. I beg your pardon sucks since now ns can\"t drive my auto only in town. Ns took it to O\"reilleys and they hooked up their computer to it and gave me 2 codes. I have no idea what they mean. P0605 (PCM review Only) storage (rom) Error. Climate I acquired P0700 (Trans mechanism Malfunction). What do these mean? I have replaced the rate sensor as that is what castle guessed the was and that didn\"t work. So currently they tell me I need a TCM. Or one ECM ??? Those are expensive execute I need that? i ask because the first thing they told me wasn\"t appropriate so i don\"t desire to invest all this money if this isnt\" rite too


P0605 inner Trans Controller Transmission control module ROM self test error detected-Aisin transmission.Sounds choose the TCM (Transmission manage Module) went South. Looks prefer a replacement TCM is needed. Need to be no problem putting a provided one in. Girlfriend can gain one native a 1999-2001 and also it will work. Friend can\"t usage one indigenous a 2002-2004.What model Intrepid execute you have? ES, SE or R/T? What engine size? Just get one native a 1999-2001 vehicle where the engine size matches what you at this time have.

I simply did a quick search ~ above Intake 2001 dodge Intrepid Transmission computer for Wisconsin. Number of came up ranging $30-85.Just obtain one from one more 1999-2001 automobile with the 2.7L engine. Every Intrepid SE cars have the 2.7L. Girlfriend can acquire one native a dodge Intrepid or Chrysler Concorde through the 2.7L engine. Don\"t acquire one native a car with the 3.2/3.5L engines.
and don\"t get a TCM native a 1998, simply a 1999 - 2001 as declared above. The TCM\"s with the 3.2L / 3,5L will carry out the wrong rate (off by 6 mph)
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