Check out this video clip to learn exactly how to change the interior door dashboard trim in her 97-03 Ford Expedition.

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remove the triangle dashboard by prying up through a screwdriver and cloth. Pry increase the move panels and unplug the wiring harness. Pry increase the courtesy light. Unscrew the three screws securing the panel. Remove the door take care of latch bezel. Lift the door panel up and off. Unplug the light bulb.
Plug the courtesy bulb ago in. Reinstall the mirror switch panel and thread through the switch panel wiring harness. Clip ~ above the door panel Screw in the Phillips screws on the door panel. Plug in and clip in the switch panel. Clip top top the courtesy light cover and also door latch bezel. Clip ~ above the triangle dashboard at the top.

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Tools essential for replacement

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Cloth Rags

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Flat tongue Screwdriver

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Brought to you through 1A your resource for quality replacement parts and the finest service on the internet.Hi, I"m Mike Greene. I"m among the owner of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and also money repairing and also maintaining her vehicle. I"m walking to use my 20 plus years of suffer restoring and repairing cars and trucks favor this to present you the correct way to install components from 1A, the best parts set up correctly. That"s going to conserve you time and money. Thank you and enjoy the video.In this video we"ll be reflecting you how to remove and also install a door dashboard on this 1997 Expedition, same as any type of "97 to "03 F-150 or "97 to "02 Expedition, former door. Behind door is usually the same. It just has actually two little screws top top the bottom quite than the hidden screws top top this. The just tools you"ll need are a Phillips screwdriver and also a constant screwdriver. To eliminate the door dashboard it"s relatively simple. You need to remove some panels and also a pair of screws. I"m utilizing a rag to safeguard the paint, make sure I don"t scratch and also protect the vinyl.First, up here, pull out on this tiny triangle. Then you pull up. We have two pinions top top the back and then a pen there. Then, again, v the rag, pry up on your switch panel. Then on the move panel, you can see every these connectors. They have actually a little tab here. You push on the tab and also then pull. You just need to work them and also then the critical one. The following thing girlfriend actually carry out want to take it this mirror and also you need to be mindful without the rag and also just pry it up nice and also easy. It come out and then again there"s a little tab here, and also then the last component is best down here on this light. Insert her screw driver if girlfriend don"t want to usage the rag. Placed your screwdriver ideal here and pry the sheathe off.Once those panels are off there are two Phillips screws, one here and also then one down right here in the light, ideal there. I"m going to eliminate those. Actually there is a 3rd screw, i beg your pardon wasn"t on this automobile because this auto must have been take away apart a couple of times. Over there is a third screw in behind the move panel because that the windows and also everything. You desire to make certain you take that third screw out as well. Now the last thing you need to do is remove this little grommet approximately the door panel and also you have the right to just insert your screwdriver in here, pry it the end a small bit and also then it comes off and around the handle. As soon as that"s done, then you just take this whole panel and lift up. The only thing you have to worry about is ago in right here there"s a tiny light, you simply twist and also pull the out, and also now her door panel is cost-free from the vehicle. Currently that we"ve acquired the door panel off you can service your speakers, her inside door handles, window, window motor, and also check out our various other videos for much more information on all that. To placed the panel earlier on it"s a reversal of the procedure. An initial I"m walking to put the light ago in and twist and also lock the on. Next, I"m actually going to take my winter switch and I found it"s a lot less complicated to just reinstall it prior to you carry out the remainder of it. Make certain you have three connectors coming up with that hole. Lift her door dashboard up. Traction the manage through.Now what you want to perform is make certain that you gain the door dashboard up with the window. Currently you have the right to see the lock appropriate there is coming through. Make certain you push on your door dashboard so your door dashboard is nice and also flush versus the door every the means around. Currently you have the right to put in your 2 Phillips screws. Put on your lens cover. Placed on her door handle cover. Push the backend in first. Then just push the top and also bottom on. Move panel, just reconnect everything. You can"t connect things in the not correct place because they"re every keyed and also slotted. Push that down, make sure that mirror is under again, and also then her triangle item up here, press the pins down first, and also then in and you"re every set. You have the right to do a quick test, make sure the locks unlock, my light came on. The window goes up and down, winter works. Every little thing looks good.We hope this helps you out, carried to girlfriend by Your source for quality replacement parts and the finest service top top the internet, you re welcome feel cost-free to call us toll complimentary 888-844-3393. We"re the agency that"s here for friend on the internet and in person.