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My ignition cylinder began freezing up around 2 months back and finally had to be replaced last night after gaining stuck because that the critical time. ~ we gained the brand-new barrel in, that wouldn"t start. We uncovered that it to be an anti theft system. Has anyone had any type of experience with this? Where/how have the right to i obtain it reset? It"s immobile, obviously, therefore that makes it also trickier. Is over there a way i deserve to reset it?? I"m very sorry if this is a repeat thread, simply in a hurry. It"s a 2003 focus zx3Also, all lights, blinkers and otherwise job-related when we revolve the key, it simply won"t rotate over even after do the efforts to do a running start and also jumping the battery therefore it no a difficulty with the replacement.


^Sometimes the car will crank, yet it will never fire. It"s dependent, 9/10 the does nothing, but 1/10 it will crank and also crank and crank but it no fire, occasionally the fuel pump primes, sometimes it wont... If you revolve the ignition from "crank" come "off" and remove the key, reinsert it and repeat... 10 times, It will at least once crank... I think it could be come tell people that the battery is not dead... It is genuine easy to miss that the PATS irradiate is flashing... It should have been located on the tool cluster.I"ve played with the PATS sufficient to understand I"ve had my run ins with PATS thanks to one aftermarket vital copy...
I have actually 2 new keys but not 2 old keys, have the right to i quiet reprogram them??I have actually tried stop the old vital near the ignition in really hopes it would pick increase the signal, didnt work, i"ll shot again though. I"ll also try putting the rfid right into the brand-new key. Is there any kind of other options?? If this doesnt work am i left v towing it come a dealer to reprogram it?? Cana locksmith do it so ns dont have to tow it??Is over there a timer top top tr PATS?? prefer attempting to start it so countless times orecents it from beginning for one hour or whatever. Just trying come userstad the system. You guys have been many helpful. Thank you so much.
As much as I know the PATS doesn"t have a timer, but I think you have to totally remove the an essential to shot again.... Or at least I did once I go what I verified in the picture above.If you have actually one old key, climate you should be able to program both new keys... The RFID in the crucial could it is in interfering with the signal of the old key, I"ve never tried this since I don"t have the resources...It should be as easy as swapping the RFIDs from the old come the new... If you can swap the RFID to one key, then you should be able to program the second normally...A locksmith might be able to do it, however that is completely dependent because that every locksmith... Some may know how, others might not...All in all, ns think you could just take it the keys to the dealer and see if they can program them there is no the car...

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How do i reprogram the new keys come the car??? it seems prefer that would certainly be the easiest expense effective method.
You require two original secrets to start the programming sequenceEach that these secrets will have a distinct serial numberThere space locksmiths that deserve to clone an original vital but that does not gain you two different keys as then you have two secrets with the very same serial numberfor a new car, one needs five keys ,which ns think is the maximumYour key2 spare keyskey in hidehole inside the cardumb an essential which is surprise on the external someplaceThere space locksmiths that deserve to reprogram the Ford ECU for different keys
Kind of digging up an old thread, but I recently had actually the ignition switch changed in mine 03 ZX3 together it locked up. I got the Stratec replacement. The locksmith called me to have a new key made as mine was a little bent and he quoted me $116. Ns asked him why so much and he said me my crucial had a chip. I didn"t really believe it at very first because i didn"t think chipped keys were that prevalent in 2003. My question right here is this: that was proclaimed earlier that the ECU has actually two tricks programmed come it and also you need both secrets to reprogram new keys. Is it feasible to acquire a second vital programmed? ns only have actually one an essential currently and would prefer to gain a second made as my 16 y/o daughter will be steering this soon. I additionally do not have any type of remotes for it. Have the right to I obtain those aftermarket or carry out I have actually to get them through a dealer?