04 civic SiR hatchback. I have been told the there is a life time fuel filter in the gas tank but additionally that there is another component in the engine bay, is this true and also if so whereby is it? over there is a metal cylinder on the firewall top top the driver side however I don't know what the is. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hello, The fuel filter is in the fuel tank attached come the pump here is a guide to display you what it will certainly take to eliminate the tank and pump assembly with diagrams below to show you on your car.https://www.centregalilee.com/articles/how-to-replace-an-electric-fuel-pumpCheck the end the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything else to get the difficulty fixed.Cheers


Engine mechanically problem2004 Honda public 4 cyl former Wheel Drive hand-operated 81000K milesHi, ns am wondering where the fuel filter is located on mine car, ns wanna readjust it. Is there anything I have to know? Is it hard to access? perform I require a speacial tool? Thanks.Oh i dont understand if the matters however my auto is the teacher hatchback (Si united state version) 2.0L engine. Many thanks again.

ns see, therefore the filter is in the tank, I assumed there was a secondary part to it somewhere in the engine bay.
I have a Honda 2003 civic Lx 4 door version with 69,000 mile on it. I am do the efforts to situate the fuel filter because that replacement, is over there an in line filter or as someone said me it"s situated in the tank itself. Where deserve to I access the filter?Thanks
Thanks, I discovered out it has to be accessed thru the tank by removing the back seat cushions and also there is a dashboard to remove to gain access to the top of the tank" I" ll give it a try!
Where precisely is situated the Fuel Filter top top a Honda civic 2002 DX? part say in the firewall. Wherein is situated the firewall? Tks
The firewall is the wall between the engine and the passenger compartment. It is the divider between the engine and seating area. Many Honda fuel filter are placed to the firewall.
car hesitates some times, inspect engine light freshly came on. Does this car have a fuel filter and also where is it located? Thanks.
Yes, it has one however it"s not leading to you problems. Start out by having actually the password read and also post the password numbers here.
Engine mechanical problem2001 Honda civic 4 cyl front Wheel journey hello I"m trying to company a Honda Ciivic yet I am having diificulty locating the fuel filter for this model. I have taken out the ago seat and also taken off the inspection cover, no there. I have actually dropped the fuel tank, no there. Ns have complied with the fuel lines to the prior of the car and also look approximately even taking off the induction system yet no luck. Whereby in the human being have they put the fuel filter?
1990 Honda public I have A "90 Honda civic Hatch and also I want To Know: where Is The Fuel Filter Located?
I have A 2002 public Ex. I need To adjust To Fuel Filter but I Can"t it seems to be ~ To uncover It. I adhered to The Fuel heat From The Fuel Rail all The...

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Engine power Problem1999 Honda public 4 Cyl 2 Wheel Drive manual Cannot uncover Fuel Filter On my Sons 1999 Honda Civic