installation a PCM (power-train regulate module) is not a daunting task and can be done by practically anyone. If you have actually been told her Pontiac cool Am has actually a faulty PCM and want to change it yourself, it"s a an easy process.

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purchase a instead of PCM for your grand Am. Make certain the PCM is specifically for the year version of your automobile for the very same engine together yours (3.4 L, 2.2 together or 3.8 L)


Disconnect the vehicle"s battery. It is not recommended to job-related with automobile electronics when the battery is connected, even if the automobile is turned off.


remove the gloves box door. The PCM in a grand Am is located behind the gloves box. You perform not need to remove the entire glove box, simply the door. Remove the glove box by opened the door any kind of emptying that is contents. Squeeze together the outside component of the glove box that becomes clearly shows while open. Squeezing it will release the clip indigenous its fastener, and the gloves box will certainly slip right off.

Unhook the connection module that runs from the PCM come the vehicle. Depress the outer clips and also pull to relax the link module (It is a six or eight pin white connector).

Use the socket wrench or driver (depending on the automobile year) to eliminate the PCM from its mounting. There should be 6 bolts or screws. Keep the bolts or screws in a safe location because you will require them to download the brand-new PCM.

Place the brand-new PCM in the precise position together the old one. Tighten the screws or bolts to secure it and then plug the connection module ago to the vehicle.

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Replace the glove box door and reconnect the vehicle"s battery. Start the automobile to do it is operating normally.

try to situate a offered PCM native a salvage yard to save money. Make sure the PCM originates from the same year version of automobile with the very same engine. PCMs for usage in other applications will certainly not properly work.