Have you ever had a problem where her hood won’t close? It simply won’t remain latched? i did. Monitor this snapshot guide to see the procedures I offered to remedy this situation!

What’s the Problem?

The hood on mine 2004 Toyota Corolla would close, however not latch. You can slam that shut, and it would just bounce back about an customs or two over where it was supposed to be hosted firmly in place! Sometimes, if girlfriend slammed it especially hard, it would certainly stay. Other times the would appear latched, climate pop open up several inches after ~ going over a bump, just being hosted down by the second safety latch. What a pain the was.

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The trouble of a hood not remaining latched for a 2003-2008 Corolla generally falls into 1 that 3 categories, that i will outline here:

Another usual problem is that over the year of slamming the hood, the latch mechanism has actually been thrust down enough that the latch has trouble engaging. Over there is a certain amount the ‘slop’ in the feet that organize the latch in place, so one solution is to ease the latch, on slide it increase as far as it will go, and also then re-tighten it.The hinges and also hood mechanism may need lubrication. This to be the approach I took that addressed the immediate difficulty I was having, despite one or both of the other troubles may crop up eventually.

I finally decided to take the moment to inspection the problem and also do something about it. The following are the procedures I took.

Tools and supplies needed:


Optional parts:

Lubricating and also Replacing a Corolla Hood Latch

The an initial step is to walk ahead and lubricate the hinges and the latch itself. Why? Well, if the hinges room gummed up and catching, they will resist the hood closing. Quite than a smooth closeup of the door motion, the hood will lag a bit and also flex the hood, no slamming tightly. Also, the latch should be lubricated due to the fact that when the hood is slammed, if that doesn’t latch immediately, the hood will pop up prior to the latch has actually time come close.

I don’t recommend using motor oil or something prefer WD-40, together these deserve to have the impact of gumming increase the moving parts and also actually do the trouble worse. You desire a irradiate lubricant the won’t thicken up or gain gummy. A silicone spray lube such together this liquid wrench silicone spray stuff is what ns used.

Open the hood and prop the up. Then, spray the silicone lube ~ above the hinge joints.


Get the tube ideal down to the hinge and give that a good dousing.


Get that from number of angles, if possible.


Once both hinges room lubricated, relocate on to the latch.


Spray generous amounts on the spring latch…


And the 2 hinge mechanisms in the latch.



Once the hinges and the latch room well-lubricated, collection the spray deserve to aside and also un-prop the hood. Then push the hood up and also down to occupational the lubricant into the hinges. Likewise press down on the hood into the latch. Repeat numerous dozen times to practice the latch mechanism and work the lubricant down into the joints. Then try slamming the hood number of times to job-related the latch. Walk the hood close correctly now? If not, shot lubricating the hinges and latch again.

If the doesn’t deal with it, it may be time for a new hood latch or cable release. The latch and also cable room surprisingly inexpensive. Here are links to these component numbers top top Amazon.

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I expect this was helpful! examine out much more Toyota Corolla maintenance articles here.