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Customers: Please keep in mind that because these coins space older, they may have blemishes and/or imperfections and also are no guaranteed to be in brilliant uncirculated condition.

For the very first time since 1987, the 2002 American silver- Eagle coin eclipsed the 10 million coin note in a single year. After years of low production in the 1990s, 2002 significant the culmination of five years of solid growth and increasing popularity for the American silver Eagle coin program. Ideal now, 2002 American silver Eagle coins are accessible for acquisition from JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

Mintage totaled 11,186,368 coins in 2002!17th relax of one American silver Eagle coin.Arrives in a plastic flip, mint-sealed tube of 20, or Monster crate of 500.Contains 1 oz of .999 pure silver.Bears a challenge value of $1 (USD) donate by the federal government.Adolph A. Weinmans go Liberty top top the obverse.John Mercantis heraldic eagle on the reverse.W mint point out on evidence versions.

The American silver- Eagle coin hit an all-time low in manufacturing 1996 with just 4.1 million coins win in total. A healthy economy and also low prices brought about minimal interest in the coins. With enhancing concerns about Y2K hampering the economy and rising prices because that silver, the so late 1990s and early 2000s gave method to impressive growth in the program.

2002 American silver Eagle coins total 11.1 million coins, a virtually three-fold rise from 1996. The bullion version of the coin had actually grown native 3.6 million in 1996 to a chuck 10.5 million in 2002. This to be the highest possible mark because that the bullion coin since 11.44 million to be struck in 1987.

The 2002 American silver- Eagle proof coin actually declined considerably from 2001. There were 647,342 coins developed in 2002, which stood for a practically 100,000-coin decline from more than 746,000 in 2001.

Adolph A. Weinmans iconic walking Liberty photo was preferred as the obverse architecture of the American silver- Eagle. That originally appeared on the nations half-dollar coin from 1916 come 1947. The reverse has actually continually featured the heraldic eagle of the joined States, which to be modernized and refined by united state Mint chef Engraver john Mercanti in 1986.

All 2002 American silver Eagle coins were created by the United states Mints West point Mint facility, but only the proof versions of the coin function the identify W mint mark. Bullion coins are never ever struck with a mint mark.

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