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Anyone recognize what the correct dimension is for the prior wipers. I recently purchased Anco winter blades and also they seem to be too small. The Anco directory said castle are an alleged to be 20" for driver and also passenger side.


Wiper SizeI have run a 24 ~ above driver side, through 22 top top passanger, functions great, gets much more of the windshield, and doesn"t interfere v each other. 24"s across the front do have dispute with every other.Hope that helps.


The Anco publication is wrong, the 22""s will work. Ns wouldn"t try anything on the rear but the OEM blade. Curvature of the window is together that any kind of other tongue won"t cover. Ns tried numerous blades, and bent them come shape, however performance was very poor.
The Anco book is wrong, the 22""s will certainly work. I wouldn"t shot anything ~ above the rear yet the OEM blade. Curvature that the home window is together that any other tongue won"t cover. I tried numerous blades, and also bent them to shape, but performance was really poor.
I have actually used the Anco 16" blades on the ago of both my 02 and also 05 through no problems at all. They work simply as great as the OEM that come on the truck.
I have used the Anco 16" blades on the back of both my 02 and 05 through no problems at all. Lock work simply as an excellent as the OEM that came on the truck.
I just wasn"t satisfied through the areas that the Anco blade missed at top and bottom of the window. Whatevere suits you is good by me.

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26" and also 22" blade Combo
Drivers side wiper to be fading this particular day in the rain, decided to swing by a store and pick some more up. Advance Auto had actually a sale once inside ~ above 4 bucks turn off 2 Rain-X wiper blades. Had actually the ANCO on there, worked an excellent while they to be new, think they died kinda soon. Only lasted about 17 months. Possibly thats your life. Whatever. Anyway, to be going to shot the 24/22 combo people has spoke of on here. They were the end of the 24s. So i went the end to the van in the rain and measured the wiper and its clearance both down and up, climate studied exactly how it moved. Looked choose a 26 and 22 would clear. Went back in purchased my combo, threw castle on. Good results. Included 4 inches to its clearance path and doesnt even come close to nipping anything. Has actually 1/2-3/4 inch clearance between the 2 blades when they room down. Virtually eliminates that little triangle in the bottom center of the windshield and also pretty much every one of it top top the top and bottom the the motorists side. Ran in the rain every the method home and also worked great. Simply letting those of girlfriend who want a little more than 24 even know the the 26 fits..... Vehicle drivers side only.