I have lost all electrical power to mine 07 Dodge. That is completely dead. I have actually checked the battery and fuses and also all space ok. I have cleaned all ground connections I can uncover on the battery and also cleaned the short articles on the battery itself. Tho no power. If looking v the internet I came throughout a relay called an ASD. I believe it means an automatic shutdown relay. I don"t recognize where its located. Might this it is in the problem? Appreciate any kind of ones help!! Thanks



To check the relay view if this helps. As soon as the PCM energizes the ASD and fuel pump relays, terminal 87 connects come terminal 30.

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This is the ~ above position. Terminal 87 supplies voltage come the remainder of the circuit.

The adhering to procedure applies to the ASD and fuel pump relays.

(1) eliminate relay native connector before testing.

(2) with the relay eliminated from the vehicle, usage an ohmmeter to examine the resistance in between terminals 85 and 86. The resistance need to be 75 ohms +/- 5 ohms.

(3) affix the ohmmeter in between terminals 30 and 87A. The ohmmeter should display continuity between terminals 30 and 87A.

(4) affix the ohmmeter between terminals 87 and also 30. The ohmmeter should not display continuity in ~ this time.

(5) connect one finish of a jumper cable (16 gauge or smaller) to relay terminal 85. Connect the other end of the jumper cable to the ground next of a 12 volt power source.

(6) affix one finish of another jumper cable (16 gauge or smaller) come the strength side of the 12 volt strength source. Execute not affix the other finish of the jumper cable to the relay in ~ this time.

WARNING: execute NOT allow OHMMETER TO call TERMINALS 85 OR 86 during THIS TEST. Damage TO OHMMETER might RESULT.

(7) attach the other end of the jumper cable to relay terminal 86. This activates the relay. The ohmmeter should now display continuity between relay terminals 87 and 30. The ohmmeter should not display continuity in between relay terminals 87A and 30.

(8) Disconnect jumper wires.

(9) replace the relay if that did no pass the continuity and resistance tests. If the relay happen the tests, that operates properly. Inspect the remainder of the ASD and also fuel pump relay circuits.

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You might be going down a very deep hare hole. Remember that Chrysler had actually incredible trouble, including multiple lawsuits and also recall"s based on TIPM issues. I"ve simply gone with $$$$ repairs based upon TIPM issues...... Therefore your issue may not be isolated come the ASD relay.