What is a drive belt tensioner?

The serpentine belt tensioner, or drive belt tensioner, offers anxiety to the drive belts to ensure the belts continue to be in contact through the crankshaft pulley and also the wheel that belt is intended to drive.

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How does the drive belt tensioner work?

As drive belts are mounted the belt tensioner is tightened to manufacturer"s specifications, placing the proper amount of stress and anxiety on the belt. It is bolted to the front of the engine, and the flat side of the drive or serpentine belt rests tightly versus the belt tensioner wheel. When the belt is moved, the belt tensioner pulley constantly rotates, maintaining tension on the belt.

What are the symptoms concerned a poor drive belt tensioner?

If the drive belt tensioner falls short, tright here will certainly be a really audible chirping, grinding, or rattling noise from the front of the engine. This is bereason the tensioner pulley bearing is no longer smooth, and rotating reasons steel to grind at high speeds. If it is not adjusted automatically, there is a possibility it will come to be dislodged, or allow the drive belt to shed stress, or break. If the belt drops off, the accessory that it drives will certainly no much longer function. Also, if the tensioner spring stops working, allowing sabsence in the belt, it might make a very loud squeaking or screeching noise unified with a rattle as the tensioner bounces ago and forth under fill. The squealing noise is the belt slipping on the crankshaft pulley, and will require belt replacement as soon as the belt tensioner is reput.

Can I drive via a drive belt tensioner problem?

If the belt tensioner is totally destroyed, driving might be hazardous, or impossible. If the tensioner has actually just begun to chirp or rattle, the vehicle can usually be moved to a repair facility. Keep in mind that when the tensioner fails, the car may only last a few short minutes before the engine stalls because of loss of electrical power from the alternator.

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How often execute drive belt tensioners must be replaced?

Drive belt tensioner pulleys are just reput because of suspected failure. They are not thought about a wear and tear item, and also are generally intfinished to last the life of the vehicle. However, the majority of vehicles will certainly view a drive belt tensioner reput before the 125,000 mile note has been got to, via some replacements emerging as beforehand as 50,000 miles.