Ford explorer Sport Trac owners have reported 21problems related to cruise manage (under the car speed control category).The most recently reported worries are detailed below.Also please examine out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Ford traveler Sport Trac based on all troubles reported because that the traveler Sport Trac.

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When I set the cruise control it will sometimes simply turn turn off by chin without me poignant the brake or anything. Usually I deserve to hear a noise and the gas pedal will easily move up. Once that happens then I deserve to no longer collection the cruise control. See all troubles of the 2005 Ford traveler Sport Trac🔎.

Sitting at a protect against sign vehicle went into acceleration gas peddle checked out floor. Foot was on the brake. Checked no carpet stuck under the gas peddle. Foot to be not touching gas peddle. That was nearly like the cruise control was pressing the gas peddle. Cruise regulate was off. Shut automobile off then ago on concern went away. This has actually happened other times come myself and my wife. Sometimes while advertise the gas the gas peddle pipeline your foot and continues come the floor top top its own, pressing the brake and turning vehicle off appears to settle the issue. This issue happens for this reason in frequently that it is tough to give birth for service shop. Check out all difficulties of the 2003 Ford explorer Sport Trac🔎.

I was notified by Ford the I had actually a problem with mine speed regulate on my 2001 Ford sport trac and requested me to lug my vehicle in to acquire it replaced. Once I took my van in in August i was told the the part was not in stock and also to lug it back in December. Ns just dubbed the dealership and also they are now telling me the part is not in and they have no clue once it is walking to it is in in. Frankly it showed up to me lock didn"t care. As soon as I asked who I can escalate it to at Ford the gentleman did give me the number, but told me it wouldn"t perform any an excellent because Ford couldn"t carry out anything about it. Check out all problems of the 2001 Ford traveler Sport Trac🔎.

Fords recall ~ above the defective cruise regulate switch is a scam in my opinion. I obtained a recall an alert in, I think it was October 2007. The regional dealer unplugged the cruise control and said the they would make repairs once the parts came to be available. The fix is to placed a fuse in line with the switch. This, in no way, repairs the defective part. The enhancement of a fuse, as related to me through the dealer, has actually now likewise been recalled. The is a mute allude because Ford has actually not yet been able to supply the part/fuse. This particular day is the 28th that February 2008. I have actually been waiting, and unable to use my cruise control since the dealer disconnected it in October the 2007. I have learned the there is a replacement part available the Ford is installation in part vehicles. The regional dealer tells me that my 2001 traveler sportac is not included. Ns was told the I might replace the component myself however Ford would certainly not download it under the recall for no charge even if ns paid because that the part. The component # is sw-6350 the local dealer has actually 21 of these switches in stock today. Because Ford has actually not enabled the use of this component in that recall, we the consumers space left in a position of either not utilizing something we paid for or risking a fire. I am appalled through the lack of activity on this matter. I believe that the nhsta requirements to apply the pressure to Ford to fix this inaction. Over there is an exactly how to short article at mysportac. Com. It has instructions and photo"s maybe you could ask Ford to inspect it out. Give thanks to you david m. Clary.

I got in the mail a letter from Ford motor company to install a fused wiring harness right into the speed control system of mine vehicle free of charge (parts and labor). I have called my local business dealer several times, since August that 2007. The business manager has always told me that components are not available and to call back. I have dubbed 5 times, consisting of today, 07 April 2008. Ns do have a 2002 traveler sports trax. Ns am having actually a difficult time gaining my auto repaired in a reasonable time and without charge.

Ford sent out me a notification in the July/August 2007 time structure advising me that a remind on my Ford sport trac for a cruise regulate cable that might lead to an engine fire. Seven (7) months later on my dealer in springfield, va quiet does not have the instead of parts. This is completely un-acceptable.

I obtained a recall on my Ford automobile for the speed control. It might leak bring about an underhood fire. I require to have a fused wiring harness installed into the speed regulate system. Follow to Ford dealerships the component is not obtainable at this time. This is a safety worry with me as result of the truth that i park my van in mine garage that is enclosed to mine home. I perform not want my residence to burn down and also do not want a fire to begin under mine hood when driving either. Please help it has actually been 6 months due to the fact that I obtained the recall.

Recall ~ above Ford cruise control for 2002 sports trac truck. I received a letter indigenous Ford to have actually it disconnected critical Aug 2007. To this date they still have not received any to the dealers to repair the problem. Looks favor Ford is dragging your feet.

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Ford safety and security recall an alert received approx 6 month ago. Reportedly the cruise control system likes to start fires. I continue to it is in told by the dealer the parts necessary to prevent the failure room "not available". This is incredible. Exactly how is Ford allowed to obtain away with hundreds of vehicles on the roadway that can capture fire at any time? obviously, offered how much time has actually gone by, Ford is thumbing their sleep at both the consumer and also the government.