By trial and also error, ns have uncovered a an excellent way to eliminate the door dashboard from a 2002 Ford traveler (and other comparable years).

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The very first two steps have the right to be excellent in one of two people order, yet doing lock in the order ns have listed below will avoid damage and scratches to the paneling.

Step 1 Removing panel #1

First, the tiny panel behind the door handle/lock needs to be removed. There space two clips located on the forward portion of the panel; wedge a flathead screwdriver behind this portion of the panel and also pry that loose. When it is loose, you can use your fingers to traction it the rest of the method out. Act this step an initial makes remove the next piece a lot of easier.

Step 2 Removing panel #2

Secondly, the home window mechanism. At this point, through the paneling behind the door handle removed, it must be much easier to eliminate the home window mechanism dashboard (Panel #1 to be holding panel #2 in place). Eliminate Panel #2 by grabbing it v your fingers and pulling up and forward. If that can"t be pulled v your fingers, wedge a flathead driver behind the panel and pry that outward and pull up and forward. The main clip that demands to it is in freed is top top the center inner section of the panel. The other two clips are tiny clips on the external of the panel.

TipThere is a piece of plastic top top the ago end the the panel the slides beneath the armrest—this is the factor you should slide it forward instead of simply lifting it up. Doing the in this means prevents damages to the paneling.

Step 3 Disconnecting the Wires

To disconnect the wires, simply ar a flathead screwdriver just beneath the tab that holds the clips in place. Merely push in and pry up. The wire clips must pop free. Set the home window mechanism panel off to the side.

Step 4 removing the whole Panel

To remove the whole panel and expose the speakers and also door handle, there space three 7/16" hex screws that should be gotten rid of (a 7/16" socket and also extension worked just fine because that me). The first screw is behind the window mechanism dashboard (this is the one that requires the extension). Be certain to seize the screw through your fingers as soon as it is almost out to avoid dropping that behind the panel. The last 2 screws room at the bottom the the door panel and are easy sufficient to remove. As soon as complete, background upward on the door panel and also pull outward. Now you space done.

TipThe stuff behind the paneling is acoustic shielding to protect against your door panelings from rattling in ~ high speeds or with very larger speakers—try no to rip it. If you need to take it off to acquire to the widow motor, or if you"ve ripped it, you have the right to pick up brand-new stuff at any electronics store that sells vehicle audio stuff.

Step 5 Reinstalling the Panel

Reverse all steps listed above come reinstall the panel. Refer to the pictures listed below if there is any confusion.

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(1) an excellent view of every the clips ~ above this panel. (3) Screws #2 and #3. (4) note the piece of plastic the slides under the armrest. (5) keep in mind where the screwdriver is situated to pry the end the electrical clip. (6) keep in mind the white item at the earlier (Screw #1).

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