My door ajar light will certainly not revolve off, also while ns am driving, the light stays on and also there is that constant beeping (like when you have your van running yet open the door). Ns cannot gain it to rotate off, and also I cannot discover where the sensor is. I am sure the door is closed, top top both the driver and passenger sides, and also my tailgate is closeup of the door also. Deserve to you phone call me exactly how to deal with this, and also where the sensor is? that may just be dirty or something and also I just need to clean that up, however I need to locate it first. I would certainly appreciate the a lot. Thanks.

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lock are well-known for acquiring gunk in them. Some world spray wd-40 and also swears the loosens up the move to run properly however normally I have to replace lock

If there are no apparent pin switches in the door jambs, they space in the latch assembly. Try spraying a lube right into the latch, occasionally it will complimentary up a sticky one and also make the light walk away

Hi! Where are the wait bag sensors located. The door Ajar light stays on. Over there is a door and a half. Can tell just how to settle these troubled areas? The manuel ns bought does not tell me exactly how to remedy these problems. Likewise how perform you acquire the door panel turn off on the fifty percent door. I view no serews that would allow me to take it it off. Say thanks to you. Bill

ns will update this in a minute regarding the panel.For the door ajar problem. Gain a thin lubricant and also some brake clean. Clean the door latches through the cleaner and then soak them through the penetrant...wd-40 would certainly work. Open and close the doors number of to 20 time each and also see if that resolves it first. If not there is a latch that may need replaced.On the wait bag:



electrical problem2000 Ford Ranger 6 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic when I close my door the door ajar light and the inner light stays on and I deserve to not figure out just how to fix it can u please aid me.
This is a real typical problem with Fords. The door ajar switch is within the doors mounted on the latch itself. Get yourself a deserve to of spray lubricant of part sort and liberally spray under the latches native the exterior of the doors and open and also close castle a few times. This normally will take treatment of it. I would avoid any procucts like WD-40 or any type of kind that "rust" breaker. These space corrosive, and just make the problem worse. Hope this helps.
I freshly purchased a 2000 ranger, every little thing works fine. However when i close mine door (driver side only) the door ajar light remains on and also I need to roll down my window and traction on the door slightly to gain the door ajar an alert on my dash to turn off, i've sought the door sensor however have to be unable to discover it.I'm guessing that it is loose or may be stuck. Where can I find the sensor? Or could the door be hanging?
The door sensor is in the latch component of the door and commonly it s okay stuck all you gotta do is spray wd40 or some kind of lube on the latch mecanism that holds door closed and open nearby a few times and also it will resolve it if not you got an ext of one issue yet thay pole alot on the ranger and also lot of people use this straightforward fix and also have no prob
I have actually replaced the rear door latch assembly and switch top top the drivers side. The passenger side was lubricated and also freed through lubricant. The move in passenger side was checked by ohm meter and switched through one from motorists side. After all this both doors are currently latching and also securinring well yet the door ajar light remains lit up. Also I believe since of door ajar the dome light will certainly not walk off when doors room closed until around 45minutes later. Carry out not know what to shot next any assist please
Take part wd40 or similiar lube.Spray the latch assy an excellent and open and also shut the doors 20 times or so. Should take care of it.
electrical problem2001 Ford Ranger 4 Wheel drive Automatic 81000 miles The door ajar light has been staying on even though over there is no door ajar and also therefor the light stays on also after the car is rotate off and the door again closed.
over there is a 9 dollar pen switch situated on the latch inside the door panel. Lock stick all the time. Try spraying wd40 right into door latches and also open and shut the door. Its typically the door that you the very least use that gets stuck.
So simply recently mine door ajar light has started coming on also though the doors are completely shut and it will remain on also while driving and also a couple days later on I view that mine dome irradiate isnt constantly shutting off. The door ajar irradiate doesnt even have to it is in on because that the dome light to perform that. Ns let the sit ~ above one time simply to view if that would revolve off and also it walk after like 6 minutes. Yet just today it did the exact same thing and I waited to view if it would revolve off and also its not. I had to traction the bulbs simply so ns wouldnt kill the battery. Any type of idea"s if these troubles are connected together? and what would be causing it? might it it is in a bad relay under the hood?
probably faulty / sticky door ajar switch. Lubricate the door latches with WD 40. If this seems to resolve it then one of the switches (or both?) requirements replaced
Wipers will work-related only sometimes, power windows are not functioning at all now but they were working at times, door ajar irradiate on panel no much longer comes on. Every fuses tested ok. Relays? exactly how do you test those? additionally heard a noise behind the dash that sounded choose a irradiate switch being flicked on and off, throughout that time the door ajar light would flicker ~ above (windows would work), then flicker turn off (windows would certainly not work).
walk to repair /electrical and also look up relay and also it will tell you just how to check one. Test the relays in pic they space under hood with a prefer relay then acquire it scanned as it might be a gem module problem.
This is the second duration of time I had actually a problem with the door ajar irradiate coming on once every door is closed properly. I usually have to slam the door closed to make certain it doesn"t walk on. Ford addressed it under warranty a year or 2 ago. Is it the door switch that"s bring about this problem? and also why? whereby is it situated exactly? ns can"t discover it.I think it"s also causing troubles with the park lights and inside dome light. The park lights space suppose to blink when I interact the after industry alarm. Lock don"t and also the at home dome light periodically doesn"t come on once opening the door.
check all girlfriend doors. There have to be a point that looks prefer I guess: v you can say a pond that turns off the lights and also the door ajar off once the door is close up door make certain they space all good if one has broken off it might never suggest when the door is shut. Or likewise maybe one is obtaining stuck and not pushing in all the and also indicating the it is still open. And also one third option is on part doors they have a circular cut in the medal of the door ns dont really understand why however check and also make sure that the didnt obtain busted or dented reason when friend shut your door that would simply poke through or no go in all the way and over there for because not shut.Also ns guess over there is a posibility that there gift a bad fuse ns wouldnt think so yet its posiblebest of happy
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