One that the most common an essential engine troubles is the blown head gasket. If her Ford Taurus has blown that head gasket, friend may find it to run poorly or no at all. Below you’ll uncover the symptoms, causes, and also price of a Ford Taurus head gasket.

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A head gasket’s project is to develop a seal between the engine block and also the head(s). External of this job, it needs to fail before the head crack or warps. If the head it s okay damaged, the repair becomes much much more costly.

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It need to be provided that as soon as you punch the head gasket, the head itself may be warped or cracked. If you carry out the head gasket instead of yourself, you should take it to a reputable machine shop and have that tested. Also if that looks perfectly fine come the naked eye, it still can be damaged. Otherwise, you’ll go through all of the problem of replacing it (it’s never ever a rapid or straightforward job) just to find out that the head requirements to come ago off and also be replaced. Here’s a good YouTube video on exactly how to call if her head or block is cracked.


Taurus poor Head Gasket Symptoms

Taurus bad Head Gasket Causes

Taurus Head Gasket repair Cost

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms: Ford Taurus


Most the the symptom of a puffy head gasket space obvious, because the method that the engine runs is typically affected. Right here are few of the most common signs that a swollen head gasket:

Rough/Choppy Idle- as soon as a head gasket blows, that will lower the reliable compression ratio of one or more cylinders. This is always most remarkable at idle speed. Loss the Power– A swollen head gasket have the right to leave your Taurus feeling slow-moving at speed. “Milky” Oil– depending on how bad and also where the head gasket has actually broken, engine coolant have the right to mix through the oil. This is a really serious concern. Oil that is also this can lock the engine up and leave friend stranded. Loss that Coolant– If her Taurus’s engine coolant level is walking down, but there is no noticeable leak, it can be a authorize that the head gasket has blown.

Ford Taurus blown Head Gasket Causes

While over there are countless reasons that your Taurus’s head gasket have the right to fail, the most usual ones have to do v the cooling system resulting in the engine come overheat.

Low Engine Coolant– If there is not sufficient coolant to properly cool the engine, it’ll overheat and blow the head gasket. Low engine coolant deserve to be both the cause and also a symptom of a blown head gasket. Bad Thermostat– The thermostats task is to control the flow of coolant in and out of her Taurus’s engine. As soon as it refuses come open, the engine can acquire hot enough that it’ll cracked a head or punch a head gasket. Poor Coolant Flow– If over there is not enough coolant flowing through the engine, it’ll overheat. This can be as result of a bad radiator, radiator hoses, or water pump. Head Gasket Failure– It’s not unusual for some automobile makes and also models to have head gaskets that just fail for no various other reason than poor engineering.

Taurus Head Gasket repair Cost

Head gaskets themselves are very affordable. It’s the labor affiliated with gaining them changed that will gain you.

With engines that have actually overhead cams, it’s can be an exceptionally arduous task. It’s a bit simpler with classic engines that have the camshaft in the block.

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With parts and labor, the mean head gasket price is north of $1200. They have the right to be significantly much more depending ~ above the design year and also engine.

If you setup on tackling the project yourself, begin at the start of the weekend, and also make certain that you use a talk wrench once putting every little thing together.


Replacing a head gasket on your own have the right to be time consuming and challenging, however it deserve to save friend a the majority of money. If over there is anything that you’d prefer to add, please feel totally free to leaving a comment below. Good luck diagnosing your Ford Taurus!