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I have actually a 2002 Windstar v a 3.8L V-6 engine. The ABS and brake lights come on all at once while driving. Transforming off the ignition and also restarting removes the problem. Checked the brake fluid level which to be OK. Any other possible causes because that this problem? any kind of suggestions here would be appreciated.Also, having trouble locating the ABS unit/module to check for possible loose connections. Deserve to anyone point me in the appropriate direction?
I also have a 2002 Windstar through the the same problem. I took it come a dealer for diagnosis. They reported that it essential a brand-new abs module. The bad news is that is will certainly cost about $400 to change (parts and labor). The is reportedly not unsafe come drive together is. I am looking around for a module (the dealer price was roughly $300) from another resource to save a tiny money. I will drive the for the moment being.Good luck through yours.
i have actually a 2000 windstar that the abs come on randomly also i tried cleaning every one of the wheel sensors but i had no luck too i will shot a abs module though and let you recognize if that works.
Another 2002 Windstar v the same problem, I experienced in one more forum that the reason may it is in a dual ground wire, but I dont remember if it remained in the brake move or the ABS module. I will check with my mechanic later and also see what happen.

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Hi, I have actually a 1998 Windstar that also had that ABS light coming on. I changed the module and it is good now. I drove it with the light on for around two years. The only thing you have to know is the the brakes will occupational like a car with no ABS. That means on a wet or slippery road you have to be careful. I changed that module around three years earlier and it is still functioning great.
HiIf your ABS light and brake light come on climate replacing the speed manage deactivation switch may solve your trouble as it did because that me.go come the following connect for details2003 ford windstar abs c1185 trouble code
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