The Powertrain regulate Module, or PCM, is a pre-programmed digital computer system that operates the engine manage system that a vehicle. The is periodically referred to as JTEC. Together the intake data changes, the PCM adjusts its solution to the miscellaneous output gadgets it operates. If the PCM, the “brains”, stops working to work-related correctly, the remainder of the engine will have problems as well. Luckily, if appropriate diagnosis points towards replacement the the PCM as the solution, the PCM have the right to be quickly replaced to resolve the issue. We’ll present you how to change a PCM ECM ECU Module on a 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee.

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Begin replacing the PCM of your 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee by locating the module. A TCM, Transmission regulate Module, might be fitted in that area and also will have to be removed to replace the PCM. The coolant reserve/overflow tank will certainly be in the way but the place of the PCM is ~ above the cowl dashboard in the right/rear next of the engine compartment.


1- Disconnect an adverse battery cable native the battery.

2- If equipped, eliminate the Transmission regulate Module (TCM).

3- eliminate the coolant reserve/overflow tank.

4- eliminate cover end the electrical connectors. Cover snaps onto the PCM.

5- carefully unplug the 3 32–way connectors from the PCM.

6- remove the 3 PCM bracket-to-body mounting nuts.

7- eliminate the PCM/PCM bracket assembly itself from the vehicle.

8- eliminate the 3 PCM-to-PCM parentheses bolts (screws).


1- inspect for damaged pins in the 3 32–way electric connectors. If pins not damaged, continue.

2- install PCM come its mounting bracket. Tighten the three mounting bolts to 3 N·m (25 in. Lbs.) torque.

3- install PCM/PCM bracket to the body. Install the 3 nuts and also tighten to 9 N·m (80 in. Lbs.) torque.

4- download the 3 32–way connectors.

5- download cover end the electrical connectors. Cover snaps onto the PCM.

6- download the coolant reserve/overflow tank.

7- If it was equipped before, reinstall the Transmission regulate Module (TCM).

8- Reconnect the an adverse battery cable back to the battery.

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2004 Jeep grand Cherokee 4.0L 56044563AG

2004 Jeep cool Cherokee 4.0L

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