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hello guys brand-new here first post ns just acquired into atvs and i love the i have actually a 2003 650 and i obtained a pair of questions..1st because that the oil change how plenty of quarts go it take it the dealer states three yet i think that could be come much...2nd ns ride the cycle in the dirt a lot and also temp gauge blinks could it be reason of the mud cause it started after a 4 hour use and also then soon after the would begin after a pair of minutes of usage i already cleaned the Radiator but how perform i drainpipe the coolant to add some and also which one need to i use..last what power parts can i download to it make it walk faster.... Thanks in advanced...

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I remember reading that the 650 bring away 2.3 quarts through a filter readjust and 2.2quarts with just an oil change.The 2.3 quarts will also need to it is in checked as soon as you"re done. The BF has actually the dip rod screwed in to examine the oil. If you don"t screw her dip stick in if checking your oil, you will overfill the crankcase oil and it will blow out right into your waiting box.Not sure around the blinking light. I"d be checking every the connections at the battery for corrosion/breaks/contacting surfaces the shouldn"t it is in touching.Performance mode can selection from one aftermarket CDI to upgraded exhaust and aftermarket wait filters. Execute a find on google and also you"ll see some good links for that.
thanks males for the aid i think it was just all the mud it had cause i drove the for choose 5 hrs straight this sunday v now problem once again thanks
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